Tom Bide

Tom Bide

Minerals geoscientist
BGS Keyworth

I am a senior scientist at The British Geological Survey, where I have worked within the minerals team since 2006. I specialise in construction and industrial minerals and how to reduce the impact of extraction and consumption. My research interests include providing high-quality information and advice on economic minerals, in the UK and internationally. I also lead delivery of statistical data for raw materials through the UK minerals yearbook.


Tom Bide’s Biography

  • 2022 – ongoing: Project lead for sand and sustainability, international geoscience research and development
  • 2019 – ongoing: BGS lead for the Centre for  Mineral-Based Construction Materials
  • 2017 – ongoing: Work Package leader for the H2020 funded ORAMA project, looking at standardisation of minerals data for Europe
  • 2012 – Manager for the offshore mineral resource maps map for the UK Continental Shelf
  • 2006 – ongoing: Minerals geoscientist British Geological Survey
  • 2004 – Geochemical Sampler UK and Northern Ireland, British Geological Survey
  • 2004 – MSci University of Birmingham, Geology

Research interests

Current projects and collaborations

ORCID: 0000-0002-5752-0723


NERC Open Research Archive — Tom Bide

Key papers

Bide, T, Brown, T J, Gunn, A G, and Deady, E. 2022. Development of decision-making tools to create a harmonised UK national mineral resource inventory using the United Nations Framework Classification. Resources Policy, 76, 102558.

Bide, T, Ander, E L, and Broadley, M R. 2021. A spatial analysis of lime resources and their potential for improving soil magnesium concentrations and pH in grassland areas of England and Wales. Scientific Reports, 11 (1), 20420.

Bide, T, Brown, T, Gunn, A G, Shaw, T, Kresse, C, Deady, E, Delgado, P, Horváth, Z, Bavec, S, Rokavec, D, Eloranta, T, and Aasly, K. 2019. Deliverable 1.5 Good practice guidelines for harmonisation of resource and reserve data.

Bide, T, Brown, T J, Idoine, N, and Mankelow, J M. 2019. United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook 2018. British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/19/018. 63pp.

Bide, T P, et al. 2018. Final analysis and recommendations for the improvement of statistical data collection methods in Europe for primary raw materials, Deliverable 1.2 for the ORAMA project

Bide, T, Balson, P, Mankelow, J, and Selby, I. 2016. A new sand and gravel map for the UK Continental Shelf to support sustainable planning. Resources Policy. 48, 1-12.

Bide, T P, Barron, A J M, and Evans D J. 2015. An assessment of the aggregate properties of the Lower Lincolnshire Limestone in south Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/15/083. 27pp.

Bide, T P, Balson, P S, Campbell, E and Green, S. 2013. United Kingdom Continental Shelf marine sand and gravel resources. Map at 1:500 000 scale.

Bide, T P, and Linley, K. 2013. City of York sand and gravel assessment. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/13/071. 32pp.

Bide, T B, Humpage, A J, Davis, J R, and Lott, G K. 2010. Mineral Resource Map for North West Wales, 1:100 000 : British Geological Survey report. OR/10/021

Bide, T P, Styles, and Naden, J. 2014. An assessment of global resources of rocks as suitable raw materials for carbon capture and storage by mineralisation. Applied Earth Science 123 pp.179-195


  • Sustainability of construction minerals
  • Mineral statistics
  • Resource classification
  • Resource geology of aggregate and industrial minerals
  • Global mineral commodities
  • ArcGIS and mineral resource mapping

Professional associations

  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London


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