BUFI Science Festival 2018


The 2018 BUFI Science Festival was held on Wednesday 20 June 2018 at the BGS headquarters in Keyworth, Nottingham.

Our guest speaker this year was Dr Dan Smith, who is a lecturer in applied and environmental geosciences at the University of Leicester.  Dan studied for his PhD at Leicester and is an ex-BUFI student. Dan’s presentation, ‘Tellurium tomorrow: supply, demand and waste of a rare material‘, was based on his Mineralogical Society’s Distinguished Lecture tour about his research into ore formation, reducing the environmental impact of resources, and ensuring security of supply of raw materials.

Prize winners

Fiona Sach with her poster ‘Does geochemistry influence elephant movement?’ Fiona’s BGS supervisor is Michael Watts and she is part of the ENVISION Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Nottingham with Martin Broadley.

Sarah Donoghue with her poster ‘Unravelling the sources of lead in the urban soils of Greater Glasgow‘. Sarah is part of the E3 Doctoral Training Programme at the University Edinburgh. Her BGS supervisor is Fiona Fordyce and her university supervisor is Margaret Graham.

Helen Brooks for her poster ‘Geotechnical properties of salt marsh and tidal flat sediments at Tillingham, Essex, UK‘. Helen is part of the Cambridge CEEDA collaboration (an alliance between EnvEast and Cambridge Earth Systems Doctoral Training Programmes). Her BGS supervisor is Kate Royse and Iris Moeller is her university supervisor.

Jo Miles for her poster ‘Landscape evolution in emergent volcanoes‘. Jo’s supervisor is Jon Naden. She is part of the GW4+ Doctoral Training Programme with Frances Cooper at the University of Bristol.

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