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Are you ready for a rock rumble?

Over the summer we’ll be pitching a few of our favourite pebbles in a head-to-head battle to be crowned champion.

We’ll have sixteen amazing pebbles each going through a series of knockout rounds. All you have to do is vote on your favourite each week. Will it be the humble yet versatile granite? Or will the more glamourous schist take the win? Feel free to share the finest specimens, tag your friends and do some cheerleading for your most-loved rock. Maybe you would even like to nominate a future contender?

We’ll be posting our rock rumbles every Friday. There will be a polling option on the day that will last until the next week, when we’ll share the winners of the latest round.

The draw

Rock Rumble Draw
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The Rock Rumble draw.

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Meet the pebbles

Browse the gallery below to find out more about our sixteen contenders!

Guide to pebble spotting

Interested in finding out more about rocks? A great way to learn more is by pebble spotting! Pebbles are usually, but not always, formed from a naturally occurring rock that has been worn smooth by the action of water on beaches, lakes and rivers. They are also within reach of most people around the UK. For more information check out our pebble spotter’s guide which contains more information about how to get started and useful references for identifying your rocks.

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