Katie Whitbread

Miss Katie Whitbread Sedimentary Geologist/ Geomorphologist

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 250

E-mail Katie Whitbread


  •  2012 :  PhD, University of Glasgow, Fluvial geomorphology
  •  2010 :  Grant award: Postglacial bedrock river incision, £13k NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility. Allocation 9088.0410 Fabel, D., Bishop, P., Jansen, J.D., Whitbread, K.
  •  2005 :  MSci Geological Sciences, University of Cambridge
  •  2005 –Present :  Sedimentary Geologist, British Geological survey
  •  2004 :  BA (Hons) Natural sciences, Univeristy of Cambridge


  •  ArcGIS, 3D geological modelling and digital mapping
  •  Cosmogenic nuclide analysis
  •  Geological mapping and surveying of superficial deposits and bedrock
  •  Quantitiative geomorphological field surveying

Current projects and collaboration

  •  Geological mapping and 3D modelling in Scotland and Northern England
  •  Lithological controls on fluvial and hillslope erosion processes

Research interests

  •  Fluvial Geomorphology
  •  Paraglacial landscapes and processes
  •  Postglacial landscape evolution
  •  Sedimentary geology

Published outputs

Key papers

Merritt, J.E. & Whitbread, K. 2007. Combining ARC GIS maps and attributed 3D geological models to provide geoscience solutions for the urban environment: examples from the City of Glasgow and north-east England. Proceedings of the UDMS conference 2007.

Postglacial evolution of bedrock rivers in post-orogenic terrains: the NW Scottish Highlands. 2012. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Controls on the morphological evolution of postglacial bedrock channels (in prep)

Paraglacial sediment flux limits fluvial bedrock erosion in a postorogenic terrain (in prep)