Dr Corinna Abesser

Dr Corinna Abesser

Groundwater Modeller

Location: Wallingford

Tel: 01491 69 2296

E-mail Dr Corinna Abesser


  •  2010 – ongoing : Groundwater Modeller, British Geological Survey
  •  2003 –2009 : Hydrogeochemist, British Geological Survey
  •  2002 –2005 : Guest lecturer at the LVTP (START Programme), East Africa
  •  1999 –2003 : PhD University of St Andrews, Hydrochemistry
  •  1997 –1998 : Research student, German Aerospace Research Centre (DLR)
  •  1994 –1998 : MSc Technical University of Berlin, Hydrogeology
  •  1991 –1993 : BSc Technical University of Berlin, Geology

Boards and committees

  • Representative for Groundwater on IAHS National Committee (UK)(2010 - to date)
  • Vice-president of the International Commission on Groundwater (ICGW/IAHS)(2007-to date)

  •  2013 :

    Convenor of IAHS Symposium: Subsurface warming, heat energy and groundwater, IAHS/IAPSO/IASPEI Scientific Assembly (Gothenburg, Sweden)

  •  2012 :

    Organising committee member: Groundwater Modellers Forum Workshop: How can the groundwater modelling community support the needs of the water industry? (Birmingham, UK)

  •  2011 :

    Scientific committee member: ModelCARE’11 (Leipzig, Germany)

    Convenor of IUGG Symposium: Conceptual and modelling studies of integrated groundwater, surface water, and ecological systems; XXV IUGG General Assembly (Melbourne, Australia)

  •  2009 :

    Member of the Tison Award Jury

    Scientific committee member: ModelCARE ’09 (Wuhan, China)

    Convenor of IUGG/IAHS Workshop: Measuring and modelling interactions between surface water and groundwater, IAHS/IAH International Convention (Hyderabad, India)

  •  2007 :

    Organising committee member: WAPO2-International Conference on WAter POllution in natural POrous media at different scales (Barcelona, Spain)

    Convenor of IUGG Symposium:A New Focus on Integrated Analysis of Groundwater/Surface-Water Systems; XXIV IUGG General Assembly (Perugia, Italy)

  •  2004 –2007 : UK representative in Management Committee of European COST Action 629


  • Geochemical data analysis, interpretation and modelling
  • Groundwater flow modelling (ZOOM, PHAST, FEFLOW)
  • Groundwater, surface water and sediment chemistry sampling
  • Languages: fluent in German and English, working knowledge of French; basic knowledge of Russian
  • Statistical  data analysis
  • Workshop/conference coordination and facilitation

Professional association

  •  2012 – ongoing : Member of the OpenMI Association
  •  2005 –2007 : Member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)
  •  2002 – ongoing : Member of the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE)
  •  2002 – ongoing : Member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)
  •  1999 –2006 : Member of the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA)

Research interests

  • Groundwater-surface water processes
  • Hydrogeological aspects of ground source heating and cooling
  • Numerical modelling (groundwater flow, heat transport)
  • Statistical data analysis


  •  2012 – ongoing : Fellow at Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)
  •  1996 –1997 : Scholarship University of Oklahoma, Geophysics and Remote Sensing

Current projects and collaboration

  • Groundwater modelling applications
  • Mapping suitability for open-loop ground source heat pump systems (GSHP) in England and Wales
  • Research into impacts and safety in CO2 storage (RISCS)
  • THAMES Basin project
  • ThermoMap- Mapping superficial geothermic resources across Europe

Published outputs

Key papers

ALLEN, D.J.; DARLING, W.G.; GOODDY, D.C.; LAPWORTH, D.J.; NEWELL, A.J.; WILLIAMS, A.T.; ALLEN, D.; ABESSER, C. 2010. Interaction between groundwater, the hyporheic zone and a Chalk stream: a case study from the River Lambourn, UK. Hydrogeology Journal, 18 (5). 1125-1141. 10.1007/s10040-010-0592-2

ABESSER, C and ROBINSON, R. 2010. Mobilisation of iron and manganese from sediments of a Scottish upland reservoir. Journal of Limnology, 69(1)

ABESSER, C; SHAND, P; GOODDY, D and PEACH, D. 2008. The role of alluvial valley deposits in groundwater and surface water exchange in a Chalk river. In: ABESSER, C; WAGENER, T and NUETZMANN, G (eds.): Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction: Process Understanding, Conceptualization and Modelling. IAHS Press, IAHS Publication 321, 11-20

LAPWORTH, D J; SHAND, P; ABESSER, C; DARLING, G; HARIA, A H; EVANS, C D and REYNOLDS, B. 2008. Groundwater nitrogen composition and transformation within a moorland catchment, mid-Wales. Science of the Total Environment, 390 (1). 241-254

ABESSER, C; ROBINSON, R and SOULSBY, C. 2006. Using factor analysis and end-member mixing techniques to infer sources of runoff generation. In: SIVAPALAN, M., (ed.) Predictions in ungauged basins: promises and progress. IAHS Press, IAHS Publication 303, 21-29

ABESSER, C; ROBINSON, R and SOULSBY, C. 2006. Iron and manganese cycling in the storm runoff of a Scottish upland catchment. Journal of Hydrology, 326 (1-4). 59-78