Dr Anna Hicks

Dr Anna Hicks

Volcanologist/Interdisciplinary scientist/Science communicator. NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow.

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 284

E-mail Dr Anna Hicks


  • 2016 – ongoing : Volcanologist - Development and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • 2015 –2016 : Postdoctoral Researcher - Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (STREVA) research project
  • 2012 –2015 : Senior Research Associate - Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (STREVA) research project, University of East Anglia
  • 2012 –2012 : Expedition Staff (lecturer), Oceanwide Expeditions, Southern Oceans
  • 2008 –2012 : Ph.D ‘An interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction under conditions of uncertainty: a case study of Tristan da Cunha’, University of East Anglia
  • 2005 –2008 : Assistant Producer/Project Executive/PA to Agency Director: ON Communication, Oxfordshire
  • 2004 –2005 : MSc Science Media Communication, Imperial College
  • 2001 –2004 : BSc Geology with Science Communication, Royal Holloway, University of London

Current projects and collaboration

  • 2020 –2022 : “Landscapes of the Mind”. Funded by the AHRC Research Networking call on Changing Landscapes: Towards a new Decision Making Framework for UK Landscapes and Land Assets
  • 2013 – ongoing : Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas (STREVA)
  • 2016 –2017 : Harnessing 'citizen science' to reinforce resilience to environmental disasters: creating an evidence base and community of practice. Funded by a GCRF Resilience Foundation Award.
  • 2016 –2017 : VolFilm: multilingual and multi-platform films for increasing resilience to risks from volcanic hazards. Funded by the GFDRR/DfID Challenge Fund.
  • 2014 –2018 : Timing is everything - Leverhulme-funded research into the volcanic history of Ascension Island with the University of East Anglia, Durham University and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre

Published outputs

  • Hicks, A., et al. 2019. Global mapping of citizen science for disaster risk reduction. Frontiers in Earth Science. https://10.3389/feart.2019.00226
  • Barclay, J, Few, R., Armijos, T., Phillips, J., Pyle, D., Hicks, A., et al. 2019. Livelihoods, wellbeing and the risk to life during volcanic eruptions. Frontiers in Earth Science. https://10.3389/feart.2019.00205
  • Monteil, C., Simmons, P., Hicks, A. 2019. Post-disaster recovery and sociocultural change: rethinking social capital development for the new social fabric. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Sargeant, S, Hicks, A, Sammonds, P, Sword-Daniels, V. 2018. Science for resilience: the UK’s Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards Research Programme. UNISDR GAR Report 19
  • Phillips, J., Barclay, J., Armijos, M.T., Few, R., Hicks, A. 2018. Dynamic and Extensive Risk Arising from Volcanic Ash Impacts on Agriculture https://www.preventionweb.net/publications/view/66547. Contributing Paper to the UN Global Assessment Report 2019.
  • Hicks, A, et al., 2017. Risk Communication Films: Process, Product and Potential for Improving Preparedness and Behaviour Change. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijdrr.2017.04.015
  • Armijos, T, Phillips, J, Wilkinson, E, Barclay, J, Hicks, A, et al., 2017. Adapting to changes in volcanic behaviour: Formal and informal interactions for enhanced risk management at Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador. Global Environmental Change 45 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2017.06.002
  • Hicks, A, and Few, R. 2015. Trajectories of social vulnerability during the Soufriere Hills volcanic crisis: Journal of Applied Volcanology, 4:10 doi:10.1186/s13617-015-0029-7.
  • Hicks, A, et al., 2015. Open Report: Volcanic Hazard Assessment & Risk Reduction on Tristan da Cunha (prepared for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Hicks, A, Barclay, J, Simmons, P, and Loughlin, S. 2014. An interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction: a case study of Tristan da Cunha: Natural Hazards & Earth Systems Science, 14, p. 1871-1887, doi:10.5194/nhess-14-1871-2014
  • Hicks, A, Barclay, J, Mark, D, and Loughlin, S. 2012. Tristan da Cunha: constraining eruptive behaviour using the 40Ar/39Ar dating technique: Geology, 40(8): 723-726, doi: 10.1130/G33059.1.

Research interests

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to risk reduction (via integration of physical, social and decision sciences)
  • Citizen Science
  • Science/Risk communication (particularly via film)
  • Media Production
  • Scenario planning
  • Public Understanding of Science
  • Expert elicitation
  • 40Ar/39Ar geochronology
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