Luis Albornoz

Mr Luis Albornoz

Building Stones and Applied Petrology Scientist/Enquiries Officer(Edinburgh)

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 410

E-mail Luis Albornoz


I joined the British Geological Survey in 2001 after a five-year Geology degree (eq. BSc Hons) from the University of Oviedo, Spain, with Building Stones Decay and Conservation/Applied Petrology/Stone Resources as my chosen specialty. As a lover of stone buildings with interesting history, and disliking Spain’s fondness for concrete and brick, I decided many years ago to leave for Scotland, a nation built in stone.

I have never looked back ever since...


  • 2015 – ongoing : Main point of contact for the Enquiries Service at BGS Edinburgh.
  • 2014 – ongoing : Building Stones Scientist/Applied Petrologist, BGS.
  • 2001 –2004 : Assistant Scientific Officer, BGS.
  • 1998 : BSc Honours (5-year) degree in Geology, with specialization on Applied Petrology, Stone Conservation and Mineral Resources, Oviedo.

Commissioned reports

  • Albornoz-Parra, L J, Everett, P A, and Gillespie, M R. 2017. Edinburgh Mercat Cross: Building Stone Assessment and Conservation Plan.
  • Albornoz-Parra, L J, Everett, P, and Gillespie, M R. 2017. Edinburgh Mercat Cross Condition Survey BSA GeoReport (GR_215076). British Geological Survey
  • Gillespie, M R, Everett, P A, Albornoz-Parra, L J. and Tracey, E A. 2013. A survey of building stone and roofing slate in Falkirk town centre. British Geological Survey. OR/13/015
  • Albornoz-Parra, L J. 2012. Geological and geographical origin of the Elgin Cathedral stones. British Geological Survey.
  • Hyslop, E K, Tracey, E A, Albornoz-Parra, L J, Everett, P, Parry, S F, and Custance-Baker, A B. 2009. The Building Stones and Slates of Killin. An investigation of stone for the built heritage. GEOREPORT GR_138832_1
  • Hyslop, E K, Weintritt, J, Tracey, E A, Custance‐Baker, A B, and Albornoz-Parra, L J. 2009. A Desktop Resource Assessment of Building Stone and Slate on the Island of Bute (OR/09/040)
  • Hyslop, E K, Albornoz-Parra, L J, and Tracey, E A. 2009. Assessing the potential for reopening a building stone quarry: Newbigging Sandstone Quarry, Fife. (OR/09/008)
  • Hyslop, E K, Albornoz-Parra, L J, and Tracey, E A. 2009. A building stone audit for Kilmarnock: surveying, matching, and sourcing stone for the built heritage. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 221pp. (OR/09/002)
  • Hyslop, E K, Albornoz-Parra, L J, Fisher, L C, and Hamilton, S L. 2006. Safeguarding Glasgow’s Stone Built Heritage: Skills & Materials requirements. BGS Commissioned Report CR/06/077. (6 volumes). Also published as a report by the Scottish Stone Liaison Group 2006.
  • Hyslop, E K, Albornoz-Parra, L J, Fisher, L C, and Hamilton, S L. 2006. Safeguarding Glasgow’s Stone Built Heritage Skills and Materials. SSLG & SEG.
  • More than 800 reports on stone matching and other building stone-related issues.

Published outputs

  • Albornoz-Parra, L, Everett, P, Tracey, E, and Gillespie, M. 2011. Identifying replacement stones for use in building repairs: an integrated system for improved stone matching. Abstract of talk for European Geosciences Union.
  • Hyslop, E K, and Albornoz-Parra, L J. 2007. Developing a future repairs strategy for a sandstone city: a petrographic investigation of building stone in Glasgow, Scotland. 11th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials. June 2007, Porto, Portugal. 9pp. Paper accepted for publication in proceedings volume.
  • Hyslop, E, McMillan, A, Maxwell, I, Walsh, J, and Albornoz-Parra, L. 2006. Stone in Scotland. Paris, France, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 72pp. (Earth Science Series).
  • NERC Open Research Archive — Luis Albornoz-Parra

Research interests

  • Stone sourcing, stone decay and stone conservation.


  • Involved in delivering lectures to professionals in courses and Continuous Professional Development events.
  • Responsible for the delivery of Building Stones GeoReports and for the development and delivery of Commissioned Research projects.
  • Building Stone surveying in buildings. Building Stone quality assessment in quarries.
  • Applied Petrology: Selection, sourcing and performance (analysis and matching) of building stones in Scotland and Northern England. Stone decay analysis and conservation.