Peter Hobbs

Mr Peter Hobbs

Engineering Geologist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3383

E-mail Peter Hobbs

Boards and committees

  •  1999 –2004 : Clay Working Party, Geological Society
  •  1992 –1994 : Engineering Group of the Geological Society

Research interests

  •  2011 –2015 : 2012 Development of coastal erosion/landsliding field laboratory at Aldbrough, Holderness. Includes downhole instrumentation (digital piezometers, inclinometers) and weather station [Project Leader].
  •  2009 –2015 : 2010 – 2011 Development of BGS ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Physical Properties: Commissioning and testing of MTS 815 Rock Mechanics testing system. Development of equipment handling facilities for Triaxial cell and UCS test assembly [Co-instigator].
  •  1999 –2015 : Coastal cliff recession
  •  1999 –2015 : Surveying using terrestrial LiDAR & dGPS/GNSS
  •  1987 –1995 : Geotechnical properties of tropical red clay soils
  •  1985 –2015 : Aerial photogrammetry using UAV's
  •  1985 –2015 : Swell/shrink of clays, laboratory research, equipment development
  •  1982 –2015 : Geotechnical equipment development
  •  1977 –2015 : Laboratory testing of engineering soils
  •  1977 –2015 : Laboratory testing of rocks
  •  1977 –2015 : Landslide investigation, mapping, research
  •  1977 –1992 : Marine geotechnics

Professional association

  •  1997 –2012 : Chartered Geologist
  •  1987 –2012 : Fellow of the Geological Society
  •  1974 –2012 : Associate Member of Institution of Civil Engineers


  •  1974 –1977 : B.Sc., M.Sc., D.I.C.

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Peter Hobbs
  • Jordan, C., Dijkstra, T., Hobbs, P., King, N., Purser, G., Rochelle, C. & Traut, K. (2016) Research and application of small unmanned aerial vehicles for terrestrial & atmospheric geoscience at the British Geological Survey. Small UAS for Environmental Research Conference. Univ. of Worcester, 28th-29th June, 2016.
  • David P. Boon, Jon E. Chambers, Peter R.N. Hobbs, Mathew Kirkham, Andrew J. Merritt, Claire Dashwood, Catherine Pennington, Philip R. Wilby (2015) A combined geomorphological and geophysical approach to characterising relict landslide hazard on the Jurassic Escarpments of Great Britain. Geomorphology248 (2015), pp296-330.
  • D. A. Gunn, J. E. Chambers, P. R. N. Hobbs, J. R. Ford, P. B. Wilkinson, G. O. Jenkins & A. Merritt (2013) Rapid observations to guide the design of systems for long-term monitoring of a complex landslide in the Upper Lias clays of North Yorkshire, UK, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology. pp2011-2028
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  • Lee, J.R., Pennington, C.V.L. and Hobbs, P.R.N. (2011) “Trimingham: structural architecture of the Cromer Ridge Push Moraine complex and controls for landslide geohazards” In: Phillips, E., Lee, J.R.; Evans, H.M (eds.) Glacitectonics: field guide. Quaternary Research Association, pp218-227. (QRA field guides).
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Key papers

Hobbs, P.R.N., Jones, L.D., Kirkham, M.P., Roberts, P., Haslam, E.P. and Gunn, D.A. (2014) A new apparatus for determining the shrinkage limit of clay soils. Géotechnique, 64, No.3, pp195-203.

Northmore, K.J.; Entwisle, D.C.; Reeves, H.J.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Culshaw, M.G.. 2011 The relevance of lithostratigraphy in the assessment and investigation of engineering ground conditions in UK mudstones = la pertinence du lithostratigraphy dans l'evaluation et la recherche sur les conditions au sol de technologie en argilite UK. In: 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering ECSMGE, Athens, Greece, 12-15 Sept 2011.

Hart, A.B., Ruse, M.E., Hobbs, P.R.N., Efthymiou, M., Khadjicharalambous, K. (2010) “Landslide activity in Paphos District, Cyprus”. IAEG 2010.

Hobbs, Peter; Gibson, Andrew; Koor, N.P.; Rees, John; Price, Simon James; Harrison, Matthew; Jones, Lee; Garcia-Bajo, Marieta; Culshaw, Martin. 2008 Improved modelling and communication of urban risks : case studies from the United Kingdom and South-East Asia. In: European econference of the International Association for Engineering geology, Madrid, Spain, 15-20 Sept 2008.

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  • Pennington, C.V.L. & Hobbs, P.R.N. (2008) Coastal surveying techniques: case study at Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK. GeoInformatics Magazine, Vol 6, Sep 2008.