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Digital data

Many of the BGS's most popular datasets are available to search and view online.


The National Geological Records Centre (NGRC) holds a unique archive of documents created during the past two and a half centuries.

Materials collections

Collections include the core, palaeontology and petrology collections.

ESAA | Academic Research Data

The Earth Science Academic Archive is the place for you to find the results of Earth Science research.


The geoscientific legacy from UK offshore oil and gas exploration and production activity.

Use the collections and information at the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) to find out more about the subsurface of Great Britain; for academic or commercial purposes.

Part of the BGS, this national collection is used to support the Survey's science programmes and is the NERC-designated data centre for the Earth sciences.

The NGDC comprises data gathered or generated by the BGS or its precursors, as part of its national strategic mapping programme, in addition to data provided by external organisations.

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By citing datasets in the same manner as journal articles, credit can be assigned to the dataset creators and discoverability is improved.

Records Data management

The British Geological Survey (BGS) maintains a wealth of data, information and other materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. We manage such geoscience data for the long-term benefit of all and endeavour to make the data available online and without charge where possible.

People looking at a computer screen Finding data

Find out how to find different types of data and where it sits within the data centre.

Abstract machinery Using data

Using different types of data and where you will find it within data centre.

Records storage Depositing data

How and where to deposit different types of data and where it sits within the data centre.

Mineral Our holdings

How to find out about the different types of data we hold and where it sits within the data centre.

Report front cover More information about the NGDC

Background, policies, legal requirements and guidelines the NGDC requires all its users to abide by.