BGS subsurface information relevant to SuDS and infiltration

We have existing data and information that can support decisions with regards to the suitability of the subsurface for the installation of soakaway-type systems. These include:

BGS infiltration SuDS map

SuDs map

A national GIS map that provides data indicating the suitability of the subsurface for infiltration SuDS.

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Infiltration SuDS GeoReport. This site-specific report provides information on the potential for infiltration-to-the-ground to be used as a sustainable drainage technique, it considers the extent to which the subsurface may be suitable for infiltration, taking into account the potential for drainage and impacts to ground stability and water quality. The report answers the following seven questions:

  1. Is the ground in the search area potentially suitable for infiltration?
  2. Are there any significant constraints that mean an infiltration system should not be installed?
  3. To what extent will the ground accept water?
  4. Is there potential for natural ground instability to be caused if water is added to the ground?
  5. To what extent will pollutants be naturally removed during transport through the unsaturated zone?
  6. What action should be taken?
  7. What is the lateral extent of the subsurface properties described above?

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Groundwater flow modelling

Groundwater flow modelling

In cases where multiple schemes are planned, where there are possible groundwater flooding impacts or where other water users may be affected, groundwater flow modelling may be appropriate.

Please contact Andrew Hughes for more information

3-D geological models

3-D geological models

We have developed a range of 3-D geological models that can provide a structural framework up to the regional-scale. These models may be applicable to planning and development activities with regards to the installation of infiltration-based SuDS schemes in new developments.

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