BGS University Funding Initiative (BUFI)

BGS University Funding Initiative (BUFI) student fieldtrip Milos, Greece

The BGS directly funds university collaboration via BUFI. Our principal aim is to encourage and fund science at the PhD level. At present we have around 75 PhD students on our books who are based at about 35 UK universities and research institutes.

We also provide a limited number of small grants to undergraduate and graduate students for MSci/MSc-style studies.

Our students study a wide range of topics, reflecting the broad scope of BGS interests–research. Subjects vary from:

  • carbon capture and storage
  • climate change
  • geological aspects of human health
  • hydrology
  • ice sheet processes
  • magmatic processes
  • mineral deposit formation
  • seismology

Research is not restricted to the UK. We support graduate research projects with field areas in the Bhutan, Caribbean, Cyprus, Ethiopia and Oman.

We have also undertake cross research council collaboration with projects looking at space weather and societal attitudes towards natural hazards and mineral extraction.

Contacts for further information

Dr Jon Naden
BGS University Funding Initiative
British Geological Survey
NG12 5GG
E-mail: BUFI
Telephone: 0115 936 3100
Fax: 0115 936 3200
Twitter: @DocBGS