News stories about BGS

A selection of recent news, that includes mentions of the British Geological Survey, reported in online news websites. Click on a heading link to read the full article.

Today, a paper providing an assessment of the resource base for engineered geothermal systems in Great Britain was released by the British Geological Survey, providing an estimated technical potential of 2,280 MW.

21 June 2017

The British Geological Survey has confirmed that a mysterious loud bang heard in several Lincolnshire villages was an earthquake. Glenn Ford, seismologist for the organisation, said that incidents like this happen more often than many understand.

6 June 2017

A new gold rush is targeting rich ores on the ocean floor containing valuable metals needed for smartphones and green technologies, but also hosting exotic ecosystems. Tracy Shimmield at the British Geological Survey argues that the UK should seek a national licence from the International Seabed Authority in order to set up an ocean floor observatory.

4 June 2017

The freak weather phenomenon, called a “meteotsunami”, occurred near Amsterdam off the country’s north coast on Monday morning. Professor David Tappin of the British Geological Survey said: 'Most tsunamis are geological, where you have a vertical movement on the seabed which can be caused by an earthquake, or a landslide. Meteotsunamis, however, are created by weather.'

2 June 2017

Commercial interest is growing in plans to harness geothermal energy from Iceland’s magma lakes and use it to supply the UK and Europe. “We have had discussions with a number of international oil and gas companies,” says John Ludden, the director of the British Geological Survey, which is coordinating the Krafla project with Iceland’s Geothermal Research Group.

19 May 2017

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has collaborated with the British Geological Survey to turn Varanasi into a smart city. Three dimensional geological modelling of the geology under Varanasi will be prepared to help improve the building of new transport and service infrastructure.

13 May 2017

New insights into the convection patterns of the Earth’s mantle and its chemical makeup have been revealed by a researcher from the University of Leicester. The research was conducted with Professor Huw Davies of Cardiff University and Dr Martin Wolstencroft of JBA Risk Management, Skipton (formerly of Cardiff University) and Dr Ian Millar at the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory at the British Geological Survey in Keyworth.

12 May 2017

This year's theme was time, tide and tectonics - as visitors and school groups enjoyed talks, walks, exhibitions and hands on activities across the town. other organisations that took part in this year's even included British Antarctic Survey and the British Geological Survey.

2 May 2017

On April 28, 2007 just before 8.20am, Folkestone shook during a 4.3 magnitude earthquake that startled people awake. Scientists studying the seismic activity around Britain were caught off guard as David Booth, of the British Geological Survey, revealed they did not expect Folkestone to be an area prone to an earthquake.

28 April 2017

There were more than 4,000 earthquakes recorded across Scotland over the past 50 years, including a 4.4 magnitude quake in Knoydart Peninsula in 1974. Davie Galloway, British Geological Survey seismologist, told the BBC Scotland news website, that an earthquake over 2 magnitude would feel like a lorry passing your house and it would make windows rattle.'People think we don't get earthquakes because we are not on the edge of a plate but we do.'

26 April 2017