News stories about BGS

A selection of recent news, that includes mentions of the British Geological Survey, reported in online news websites. Click on a heading link to read the full article.

Dr Holly Miller from the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey was involved in the detailed macroscopic and chemical analysis of the teeth, bones and tail hair, which reveal the stresses and strains of captive life and provide insights into how Jumbo might have died. She performed the laboratory work with Dr Angela Lamb from the British Geological Survey as part of CEG, and spent a day filming with Sir David Attenborough in Keyworth.

7 December 2017

As tremors continue in the Aegean, the British Geological Survey’s Debbie Rayner recounts her experience of a magnitude 6.6 earthquake which struck during a family holiday on Kos earlier this year…

28 November 2017

The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, receiving some legacy geological records at the British Geological Survey in Keyworth, Nottingham, UK on Tuesday.

28 November 2017

The Mahavir Cancer Sansthan & Research Centre has bagged an international project on arsenic remediation. The hospital would be part of an international project on remediation of groundwater arsenic in Ganga river basin, which would be jointly funded by the Natural Environment Research Council,(one of the leading funds provider for independent research on environmental issues) and Union ministry of science and technology.

24 November 2017

Researchers studying a rapid global warming event 56 million years ago have shown evidence of major changes in the intensity of rainfall and flood events, indicating likely implications should trends of rising carbon dioxide continue. Professor Melanie Leng of the British Geological Survey is concerned about what this represents for the future, "Global warming causes major changes in patterns and intensity of rainfall. These changes are so large we see evidence of them in the geological record."

20 November 2017

An earthquake on the Iran-Iraq frontier killed at least 400 and injured more than 4000 in the region. Seismologists say the magnitude-7.3 quake could well be followed by at least one more large shock. “The general rule of thumb is that the final aftershock will be one magnitude less,” says seismologist Roger Musson at the British Geological Survey.

13 November 2017

Huge quantities of nitrate chemicals from farm fertilisers are polluting the rocks beneath our feet, a study says. Researchers at the British Geological Survey say it could have severe global-scale consequences for rivers, water supplies, human health and the economy. Matthew Ascott, hydrogeologist at the BGS and lead author, said: "With big investments being made to reduce water pollution through changes in farming, it is vital that we understand what pollution is already in the environment".

10 November 2017

Shetland's wild, rugged landscape has long fascinated scientists, but for one British Geological Survey (BGS) marine geologist, it's the seabed around the islands that have ignited his interest.

6 November 2017

A MISSING puzzle piece believed to link humanity and fish discovered in the Scottish Borders is coming home. The Burnmouth fossil, whose analysis was backed with funding from the Natural Environment Research Council, is just one of many important fossils discovered in the Scottish Borders. And later this month the remains of Tiny will be on display in Edinburgh. David Millward, geologist at the British Geological Survey, believes every specimen helps to paint a fuller picture of human evolution.

3 November 2017

Humans were creating astonishing cave paintings in the Caribbean thousands of years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, reveals new research. New research – by academics from Leicester University and the British Museum working with colleagues from the British Geological Survey and Cambridge University, – reveals key discoveries including how the rock-art was made and paint recipes.

30 October 2017