Peru contents of the CD-ROM (content directory)

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readme.doc MS Word file of information about the CD-ROM and Northern Peru Regional Geochemical Exploration Survey
readme.pdf Information file in PDF format

Data Sub-directory:

genp.xls Northern Peru Geochemical database in MS Excel 2003 format
genp.csv Northern Peru Geochemical database in comma seperated variable format
genp.dbf Northern Peru Geochemical database in .dbf format
mich.xls Orientation survey (around Michiquillay)
soro.xls Sorochuco follow-up soil survey
gbret.xls Soil sample analyses from Gran Bretaña mine region in Central Peru
poma.xls Locations for samples from follow-up work in the Pomahuaca area

MapInfo Sub-directory:  Various MapInfo files relating to the geochemistry data. Each element has an associated Workspace file

Report Sub-directory:

text.doc Text of previously unpublished report:  Baldock, J W. 1971. Geochemical Exploration of Northern Peru (GENP), 1967-71, in MS Word 2003 format
genpfg**.ppt Report figures in MS PowerPoint 2003 format
tables.xls Tables 1 - 6 from report as sheets in MS Excel 2003 format