Peru summary information

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REGIONAL DATASET (GENP - 1967-71) (files located in DATA subdirectory)

Excel filename: GENP.XLS    
CSV filename GENP.CSV    
DBF filename: GENP.DBF    
UTM Zone: 17    
Minimum Easting: 612997m Maximum Easting: 819050m
Minimum Northing: 9208449m Maximum Northing: 9500742m
Number of sites: 1345    
Average density 1 sample per 20 km²    
Fraction used -80 BS mesh (-177 μm)    
Elements analysed by AAS Cu, Pb, Zn, (Co), Ag    
Elements analysed by colorimetry Mo, (As), (V)

Cold-extractable heavy metal (CxHM) by the Bloom test


OTHER DATASETS (files located in DATA subdirectory of CD-ROM)

  1. GENP Orientation (around Michiquillay): mich.xls
  2. 56 samples from Michiquillay and surrounding catchments (see Figure 4 (file report/genpfg04.ppt ) in accompanying report).
  3. Sorochuco follow-up soil survey:soro.xls
  4. One hundred and one sample analyses from the Sorochuco prospect.
  5. Soil samples from Gran Bretaa mine regional in Central Peru: gbret.xls
  6. Locations for samples from follow-up work in the Pomahuaca area: poma.xls

Note:  Additional data, collected during follow-up work around specific anomalies and reliant on locally performed analyses, may still be available from INGEMMET in Lima.

Some locational information concerning some of these samples has been included in report figures.