Peru detection limits

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The analytical data reported in this CD-ROM database were produced by the IGS laboratories, London (now the BGS analytical laboratories at Keyworth, Nottingham) in the period between May 1968 and January 1971. The analytical methods are summarised in the 1971 report (see file text.doc on the CD-ROM), which also describes the analytical work carried out in Peru.

Funding for the project was extremely limited, with the result that only a very restricted suite of elements was determined.

It should also be recalled that in the 1968-71 period the gold price was still fixed at $35/oz and the prime exploration interest was base metals. Absent data are indicated by blank fields in the database.

Element Detection limit (ppm) *Results below detection limit given as:
Cu 5 None below
Pb 10 6
Zn 10 6
Ag 1 0.6
Mo 1 0.6
As 5 3