Northern Peru Regional Geochemical Exploration Survey CD-ROM Version 2.0: September 2007

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During the period 1967 to 1971 a team of geoscientists carried out a programme of regional geological mapping in parts of Peru and a low-density regional geochemical exploration survey of the Western Cordillera of northern Peru. The work was funded by the UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA - now the Department for International Development, DfID) in collaboration with the Servicio de Geologia y Mineria (SGM), Lima, Peru (now INGEMMET). The geochemical exploration project was managed by a BGS geologist/ geochemist and supported by counterpart staff from the SGM.

Locational and analytical data, maps and interpretative unpublished reports were deposited at the SGM in Lima in 1971. The geochemical data are a long term asset and continued interest in the results, particularly in recent years, has required that the data be made more readily available in a digital format.

The 1967-71 GENP project essentially pre-dated the era of data processing by computer. Locational and analytical data have now been digitised and stored as a CD-ROM database.

The unpublished report (Baldock, 1971) on the 3.5 year project has also been digitised for release on the CD-ROM. This gives references to other reports, and tables and figures are included as files readable using Microsoft Office applications.

Publications relating to GENP 1967-71 are:

Baldock, J W. 1977. Low-density geochemical reconnaissance in Peru to delineate individual mineral deposits. Trans IMM Vol 86 pp B63-72.

Cobbing J, et al. 1981. The geology of the Western Cordillera of northern Peru. Overseas Mem Inst Geol Sci No 5. (specifically Chapter 8: Reconnaissance mineral exploration of the Western Cordillera polymetallic mineral provinces in northernmost Peru, by J W Baldock. See also Chapter 9: Review of mineralisation and metallogy in the Western Cordillera polymetallic province of northern Peru (same author)).