Bolivia explanation of fields and codes in database

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Fields in database:

  1. Samptype: Sample type:-   F = Stream Sediment,  S = Soil
  2. Sampno: Unique sample identifier
  3. UTMZone: Universal Transverse Mercator Projection Zone number
  4. Easting: x co-ordinates as read from 1:100,000 field maps (1 grid unit = 1 metre but read to nearest 100 m)
  5. Northing: y co-ordinates as read from 1:100,000 field maps (1 grid unit = 1 metre but read to nearest 100 m)
  6. Rockcode: Catchment area rock type code:

Codes for Rockcode in the Projecto Precambrico dataset

Period or Era Stratigraphic Unit Code
Cretaceous El Porton Group CRE
Jurassic - Cretaceous Carbonatite complex CAR
Jurassic - Cretaceous Alkaline igneous complexes SYN, GTS
Silurian - Devonian San José and Santiago Groups DEV
Upper Proterozoic ? Cambrian Boqui, Tucavaca and Murceilago Groups BOQ, COA, COC
Upper Proterozoic ? Cambrian Huanchaka Dolerite Suite BAS
Middle Proterozoic Sunsas Granites and granodiorites GTO
Middle Proterozoic: Rincón del Tigré Mafic Rocks BAS
Igneous Complex Ultramafic Rocks UMA
Middle Proterozoic Sunsas and Vibosi Groups SUN, TAB
  San Ignacio Alkaline complex (nordmarkite) SYN
Middle San Ignacio Post-kinematic Granite PG, PGA, PGD, PGP, PGT, PGR
Proterozoic San Ignacio Syn-kinematic Granite GTA, PGA, PGC, PGJ, PGL, PGO, PGV
  San Ignacio Granophyre Complexes PGC, PGG, PGV
Middle Proterozoic Basic and ultramafic igneous rocks in the San Ignacio Supergroup BAS, PEB
Middle Proterozoic San Ignacio Supergroup ESQ, NAR, PAJ, PCA, PDE, PLB, PNC, PNH, PPE, PSS
Lower Proterozoic Chiquitania Complex and Lomas Maneches Complex CGC, GNS, PBE, PEN, PHG, PMG, PRP
  1. Cover: Nature of superficial cover:-  N = Not covered,   L = Laterite,  A = Alluvium and aeolian sands
  2. Area: Map sheet code for sample collection site
Area code 1:250k Sheet name Sheet number
1 Magdalena SD20-2 + SD20-6
2 Puerto Villazon SD20-3 + SD20-7
3 Huachi SD20-10
4 Perseverancia SD20-11
5 Huanchaca SD20-8 + SD20-12
6 Ascension SD20-14
7 Monte Verde SD20-15
8 Manomo SD20-18
17xxx Concepcion SE20-2 + SE20-3
4200x San Ignacio SE20-4
47xxx San Matias SE21-1 + SE21-2
402015-25 San Jose de Chiquitos SE20-7 + SE20-8
57xxx Santo Corazon SE21-5 + SE21-9
67xxx-68xxx Laguna Gaiba SE21-6 + SE21-10
77xx Velasco project area largely in SD20-18
  1. x: x UTM Co-ordinates calculated on UTM Zone 20
  2. y: x UTM Co-ordinates calculated on UTM Zone 20
  3. Element field:chemical symbol plus method of analysis
  4. AAS atomic adsorption spectroscopy
    OES optical emission spectroscopy
    COL colorimetric
    DNA delayed neutron activation
    LOI % Loss of weight on ignition of sample at 450° C
  5. Phase: Phase of project (1 or 2)