Dr Katie Whitbread

Dr Katie Whitbread

Sedimentary Geologist

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 250

E-mail Dr Katie Whitbread


  •  2005 – ongoing : Sedimentary Geologist, British Geological survey
  •  2008 –2012 : PhD, University of Glasgow, Fluvial geomorphology
  •  2004 –2005 : MSci Geological Sciences, University of Cambridge
  •  2004 : BA (Hons) Natural sciences, University of Cambridge
  •  2010 : Grant award: Postglacial bedrock river incision, £13k NERC Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility. Allocation 9088.0410 Fabel, D., Bishop, P., Jansen, J.D., Whitbread, K.


  • Geological surveying (superficial deposits and bedrock)
  • Quantitiative geomorphology
  • ArcGIS, 3D geological modelling and digital mapping
  • Cosmogenic nuclide analysis

Research interests

  •  2015 – ongoing : Sediment connectivity and catchment processes
  •  2008 –2012 : Postglacial rivers and landscape change
  •  2005 – ongoing : Sedimentary geology (UK Carboniferous and Devonian)

Commissioned reports

Current projects and collaboration

  •  2015 – ongoing : Sediment connectivity in rural and urban catchments
  •  2013 – ongoing : Quaternary geology and geomorphic processes in the southern Scottish Highlands
  •  2015 – ongoing : Stratigraphy and palaeogeography of North East Scotland and the Northern North Sea (Devonian and Carboniferous)

Key papers

Whitbread, K, Jansen, J, Bishop, P, and Attal, M. 2015. Substrate, slope and sediment controls on bedrock channel geometry in postglacial streams. Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface.

Merritt, J.E. & Whitbread, K. 2007. Combining ARC GIS maps and attributed 3D geological models to provide geoscience solutions for the urban environment: examples from the City of Glasgow and north-east England. Proceedings of the UDMS conference 2007.

Postglacial evolution of bedrock rivers in post-orogenic terrains: the NW Scottish Highlands. 2012. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.