Dr Megan Jane Barnett

Dr Megan Jane Barnett


Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3255

E-mail Dr Megan Jane Barnett


  •  2016 – ongoing : Postdoctoral Research Assistant at BGS on SoSRARE project
  •  2015 – ongoing : Geomicrobiologist at the British Geological Survey
  •  2012 –2013 : University of Hertfordshire, MSc Biotechnology
  •  2010 : Cranfield University Research assistant developing field deployable microbial detection assays
  •  2006 –2010 : Cranfield University, PhD in environmental microbiology
  •  2002 –2006 : University of Oxford, MESc in Earth Sciences

Research interests

  • Role of microorganisms in weathering processes, focussing on the mobilisation and precipitation of rare earth elements
  • Microbially mediated gases in the subsurface.


  • Assay development for microbial detection, especially in extreme and low biomass environments
  • Molecular biology including DGGE and real-time PCR
  • Isolation and culturing aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms

Key papers

Barnett, M. J., Pawlett, M., Wadham, J. L., Jackson, M. and Cullen, D. C. 2016. Demonstration of a multi-technique approach to assess glacial microbial populations in the field. Journal of Glaciology, in press, [doi: 10.1017/jog.2016.23]

Barnett, M. J., Pearce, D. A. and Cullen, D. C. 2012. Advances in the in-field detection of microorganisms in ice. Advances in Applied Microbiology, volume 81, 133-167. [doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-394382-8.00004-6]