Dr Lei Wang

王磊 环境水文地质博士 地学信息管理博士

Dr Lei Wang

Hydrological and Hydrogeological Modeller & Hydrogeologist

水文模型及水文地质 研究员 项目主持人

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3484

E-mail Dr Lei Wang

Biography 简历

  •  2008 –current :  Hydrological and Hydrogeological Modeller & Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey, NERC (英国地质调查局,自然环境研究委员会)
  •  2008 :  PhD Cardiff University,  Environmental Hydrogeology
  •  2002 –2004 :  Development Manager of Engineering Products, Shenzhen Careland Information Systems Co., Ltd.
  •  2002 :  PhD Jilin University China, Geo-Environment Information Management
  •  2000 –2002 :  Research assistant (part time), Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  •  1999 :  MSc Jilin University China, GIS theory and GIS Applications
  •  1996 :  BSc Changchun University of Geology China, Applied Geophysics

Skills 技能

  •  Hydrological & hydrogeological modelling
  •  Mathematical modelling
  •  Agricultural diffuse water pollution processes
  •  Visual C++, C#, and R programming
  •  Geo-information processing using GISs
  •  GIS modelling function development
  •  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

Awards 获奖情况

Research interests 研究兴趣

  •  Groundwater & surface water conceptual and mathematical modelling
  •  Agricultural diffuse water pollution processes
  •  Integrated environmental process modelling
  •  The impact of climate change and land use on water resources
  •  GIS modelling and GIS development
  •  Real-time geo-information processing

Current projects and collaboration 当前项目及合作

  •  Analysis and online real-time integrated modelling of nitrate processes in the whole freshwater cycle. Principal Investigator, NERC project.
  •  Analysis and simulation of the Long-Term / Large-Scale interactions of C, N and P in UK land, freshwater and atmosphere. Co-Investigator, NERC project.
  •  Developing a field tool kit for ecological targeting of agricultural diffuse pollution mitigation measures. Co-Investigator, DEFRA project.
  •  Online real time groundwater modelling system (OneRTM). Project leader, BGS project.
  •  Developing GISGroundwater, project leader, BGS project.
  •  National nitrate time bomb in the UK
  •  The climate change impacts on groundwater and river flow in the UK.
  •  DESC (Dynamic environmental sensitivity to climate change)
  •  Developing groundwater flow code using Finite Volume Method.
  •  GROMIT (Ground coupled heat pumps mitigation potential) - UK national recharge and groundwater flow modelling

Software developed 主持开发软件

  •  GISGroundwater – a GIS seamless groundwater flow code
  •  OneRTM – an online real-time modelling system
  •  SLiM – a GIS based soil and land-use based rainfall-runoff and recharge code
  •  NTB (Nitrate Time Bomb) – a code to simulate the nitrate transport in the unsaturated zone
  •  N-FM (Nitrate Front Model) – a code to simulate the nitrate transport in the unsaturated and saturated zones
  •  R-Groundwater – a lumped groundwater flow code developed using R

Certificates 其他证书

  •  MCSD 2001 (Microsoft Certificated Solution Developer)
  •  MCDBA 2001 (Microsoft Certificated Database Administrator)
  •  MCSE 2001 (Microsoft Certificated Systems Engineer Microsoft SQL)
  •  MCP 2001 (Microsoft Certificated Professional Visual C++)

Published outputs

Key papers

WANG, L., STUART, M.E., BLOOMFIELD, J.P., BUTCHER, A.S., GOODDY D.C., MCKENZIE, A.A., LEWIS, M.A.,WILLIAMS, A.T., 2012. Prediction of the arrival of peak nitrate concentrations at the water table at the regional scale in Great Britain. Hydrological Processes, 26, 226-239.10.1002/hyp.8164.

YANG, Y.S., WANG, L., 2010 A review of modelling tools for implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in handling diffuse water pollution. Water resources management, 24 (9). 1819-1843. 10.1007/s11269-009-9526-y.

YANG, Y.S., WANG, L., 2010 Catchment-scale vulnerability assessment of groundwater pollution from diffuse sources using the DRASTIC method: a case study. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 55 (7). 1206-1216. 10.1080/02626667.2010.508872.

WANG, L., YANG, Y.S., 2008. An approach to catchment-scale groundwater nitrate risk assessment from diffuse agricultural sources: a case study in the Upper Bann, Northern Ireland, Hydrological Processes, 22 (21), 4274-4286.

YANG, Y.S., WANG, L., 2007. GIS-based dynamic risk assessment for groundwater nitrate pollution from agricultural diffuse sources, Journal of Jilin University, 37(2), 311-318.

WANG, L., ZHOU, Y.X., 2003. West Jilin province environment GIS diverse data layer dividing and coding System, Journal of Jilin University, Earth Science Edition, 33, P15-23.