Mr Dayton Dove

Mr Dayton Dove

Marine Geoscientist

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 355

E-mail Mr Dayton Dove


  •  2008 – ongoing : Marine Geoscientist, BGS
  •  2009 –2013 : UK-IODP Science Programme Coordinator
  •  2007 –2008 : Gardline Geosurvey, Geophysicist
  •  2007 : MS: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Stratigraphy, Structure, and origin of the Mendeleev Ridge (Arctic Ocean) from Bathymetry, Controlled-source Seismic, and Gravity Observations
  •  2003 : BS: College of Charleston, Geology

Research interests

  • Quaternary history and glacial processes on NW European Shelf - implications for commercial, conservation, and policy interests
  • Marine Habitat Mapping
  • Pattern and extent of former Arctic glaciations; Tectonic evolution of Amerasian Basin


  • Marine geophysical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation

Current projects and collaboration

  • Contributions towards UK MPA process; incl. recommended Marine Conservation Zones -
  • Geostatistical mapping of BGS Marine legacy data (With Murray Lark of BGS)
  • Glacial Erosion on the Chukchi Shelf, Arctic Ocean. Bathymetry and shallow seismic data collected from 2011 cruise. Jointly supported by NSF grant and BGS.
  • Glacial Geomorphology of the Sea of Hebrides (BGS, SAMS, Leicester University)Hydrographic Interntational Article
  • Glacial Limits of the Southern North Sea (BGS, NOCS, Birmingham University)

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Dayton Dove
  • Diesing, Markus, Sophie L. Green, David Stephens, R. Murray Lark, Heather A. Stewart, and Dayton Dove. "Mapping seabed sediments: Comparison of manual, geostatistical, object-based image analysis and machine learning approaches." Continental Shelf Research (2014).
  • Dove, Dayton, Leonid Polyak, and Bernard Coakley. "Widespread, multi-source glacial erosion on the Chukchi margin, Arctic Ocean." Quaternary Science Reviews 92 (2014): 112-122.
  • Jakobsson, Martin, Karin Andreassen, Lilja Rún Bjarnadóttir, Dayton Dove, Julian A. Dowdeswell, John H. England, Svend Funder et al. "Arctic Ocean glacial history." Quaternary Science Reviews (2013).
  • Howe, J., Dove, D., Bradwell, T., Gafeira, J. 2012. Submarine geomorphology and glacial history of the Sea of the Hebrides, UK. Marine Geology, 315-318
  • Lark, M., Dove, D., Green, S., Richardson, A., Stewart, H., Stevenson, A. 2012. Spatial prediction of seabed sediment texture classes by cokriging from a legacy database of point observations. Sedimentary Geology.
  • Pierce, B., TAPPIN D,  DOVE D., PINNION, J. 2012. Benthos supported by the tunnel-valleys of the southern North Sea. Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat: Geohab Atlas of Seafloor Geomorphic Features and Benthic Habitats.
  • DOVE, D. LEIGH, S. 2011. Scientific Drilling in the Arctic Ocean; A summary document to encourage Academic and Industry collaboration. ECORD-IODP. Brochure, 20pp.
  • TAPPIN, D., DOVE, D., PEARCE, B., PINNION, J., FITCH, S., GEARY, B. 2011. The Humber Regional Environmental Characterisation, Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund Report.
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  • ONSHORE SCIENCE PARTY. 2010. Shallow-water drilling of the New Jersey continental shelf: global sea level and architecture of passive margin sediments; Intergrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 313 Preliminary Report.
  • Dove, D., Jaume, S., Beutel, E. 2007. Tectonic core of a sedimentary drift: a potential ridge propagation feature beneath the Blake Outer Ridge. Marine Geophysical Researches, v.28, 1-11.