Ms Alicja Lacinska

Ms Alicja Lacinska Mineralogist/Petrologist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3284

E-mail Ms Alicja Lacinska


  •  2012 –ongoing :  PhD, Mineralogical, structural and geochemical characterisation of ultramafic rocks for carbon capture and storage by mineralisation. (British Geological Survey and Nottingham University, NCCCS)
  •  2007 –ongoing :  Mineralogist and Petrologist
  •  2004 –2007 :  Land Surveyor, Centre Line Surveys
  •  2003 :  MSc University of Silesia, Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Current projects and collaboration

  •  CO2 sequestration by mineral carbonation of ultramafic rocks (ETI)
  • Geochemical evolution of the subsurface environment surrounding radioactive waste geological disposal facility (BIGRAD)
  •  Near surface alteration of ultramafic and mafic rocks, Semail ophiolite, UAE
  •  Ore mineralisation is Snowdonia


  •  Mineralogy and petrology
  •  Scanning electron microscopy

Professional association

  •  Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Research interests

  •  CO2 sequestration by mineralisation of serpentinites and ultramafic rocks
  •  Mineral origin, crystal structure and chemistry
  •  Serpentinisation

Published outputs

Key papers

LACINSKA A. M. and STYLES M. T. 2012 (in press). Silicified serpentinite - a residuum of a Tertiary palaeo-weathering surface in the United Arab Emirates. Geological Magazine, 1-11.

LACINSKA A. M., STYLES M. T. and FARRANT A. R. (in review). Near surface diagenesis of ophiolite-derived conglomerates of the Barzaman Formation in the United Arab Emirates: a natural analogue for permanent CO2 fixation via mineral carbonation of ultramafic rocks.

BATEMAN, K, ROCHELLE, C A, LACINSKA, A M and WAGNER D. 2011. CO2 porewater rock reactions Large scale column experiment (Big Rig II). Energy Procedia, Vol. 4, 4937-4944.

MILODOWSKI, A M, ROCHELLE, C A, LACINSKA, A M and WAGNER D. 2011. A natural analogue study of CO2 cement interaction: Carbonation of calcium silicate hydrate bearing rocks from Northern Ireland. Energy Procedia, Vol. 4, 5235-5242.

PEARCE, J M, KIRBY, G A, LACINSKA, A M, BATESON L, WAGNER D, ROCHELLE C A and CASSIDY M. Â. 2011. Reservoir scale CO2-fluid rock interactions: preliminary results from field investigations in the Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah. Energy Procedia, Vol. 4, 5058-5065.

ZIMMERMANN A, STYLES M T, LACINSKA A M, ZEMSKOVA S, SANNA A, HALL M, VERDUYN M, SONGOK J, ZEVENHOVEN R. 2011. Carbon Capture and Storage by Mineralisation. Stage Gate 1 Report, p 324. CCSM Programme. Energy Technologies Institute.

LACINSKA, A M, STYLES M T. 2009. The Barzaman Formation in the UAE an example of intensive alteration of ultramafic and mafic rocks in the near surface environment. Mineralogical Society of Poland, special papers Vol. 35

COOMBS, P, WEST, J M, WAGNER, D, TURNER, G, NOY, D J, MILODOWSKI, A E, LACINSKA, A M, HARRISON H and BATEMAN K. 2008. Influence of biofilms on transport of fluids in subsurface granitic environments some mineralogical and petrographical; observations of materials from column experiments. Mineralogical Magazine, Vol 72, 393-397.