Dr Julia Crummy

Dr Julia Crummy


Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 347

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My main research interest lies in explosive eruptions, specifically studying the tephrochronology in combination with petrology and geochemistry of eruptive products in order to determine the past behaviour, and therefore potential future behaviour, of the volcano. My PhD focused on the Holocene evolution of the Colima Volcanic Complex, Mexico. I have carried out field mapping in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Armenia and Tanzania. Recently I have been working on the impacts of volcanic eruptions and science communication.


  •  2013 – ongoing : BGS Volcanologist
  •  2009 –2013 : PhD (University of Leeds): Holocene Evolution of the Colima Volcanic Complex, Mexico
  •  2007 –2009 : BGS Offshore Data Manager
  •  2003 –2007 : Exploration geologist working on gold, silver and base metal projects in Peru, Ecuador, Sweden and Dominican Republic; Christopher James Gold Corporation, International Minerals Corporation, MinMet PLC
  •  1999 –2003 : BSc Geoscience Hons (University of Aberdeen)


  • Geological field mapping
  • Igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • Tephra dispersion modelling
  • ArcGIS

Research interests

  • Explosive volcanism
  • Petrology and Geochemistry of explosive eruption deposits
  • Tephra studies - tephrochronology, tephra dispersion modelling
  • Physical volcanology
  • Magmatic evolution and the plumbing systems of arc volcanoes
  • Communicating science and knowledge exchange

Published outputs

Key papers

Crummy, J M, Savov, I P, Navarro-Ochoa, C, Morgan, D J, and Wilson, M. 2014. High-K Mafic Plinian Eruptions of Volcan de Colima, Mexico. Journal of Petrology, V.55, p2155-2192.

Crummy, J M, Savov, I P, Navarro-Ochoa, C, and Morgan, D J. accepted. Holocene and Late Pleistocene Eruption History of the Colima Volcanic Complex in Varley, N R and Komorowski, J C, eds., Volcan Colima: Managing the Threat, Springer

Crummy, J M, Savov, I P, and Navarro-Ochoa, C. 2012. Holocene Evolution of the Colima Volcanic Complex: Insights from Tephrochronology, Petrology and Geochemistry. Cities on Volcanoes 7, Colima, Mexico, Field Excursion Guidebook