Mr Paul Lusty

Mr Paul Lusty

Team Leader Ore Deposits and Commodities

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3291

E-mail Mr Paul Lusty


  •  2012 – ongoing : BGS Team Leader - Ore Deposits and Commodities
  •  2005 –2012 : Economic Geologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2004 –2005 : Exploration Geologist, Minmet plc
  •  2001 –2004 : Exploration Geophysicist, WesternGeco Ltd
  •  1999 –2000 : MSc University of Leicester, Mineral Exploration
  •  1996 –1999 : BSc (Hons) University of Southampton, Geology


  • Metallic mineral deposits, ore deposit models and metallogenesis
  • Metallic mineral exploration, mineral potential mapping and exploration targeting
  • GIS-based prospectivity modelling
  • Minerals investment promotion
  • Deep sea mineral resources
  • Critical raw materials

Research interests

  • Mineral resources at the frontiers, particularly deep sea mineral deposits
  • Sulfide mineralisation associated with submarine hydrothermal systems
  • Resources, production, societal flows and supply-demand dynamics of raw material
  • Mineral exploration including spatial data analysis as a tool for exploration targeting
  • Mineral resource evaluation
  • Metallic minerals policy and attracting investment in the minerals sector
  • Rare earth element mineralisation

Current projects and collaboration

  • British Geological Survey-University of Exeter Critical Metals Alliance
  • Sulfide mineralisation associated with submarine caldera-related hydrothermal systems in North Wales, UK
  • The hydrothermal system of the Central Jebilet (Variscan Belt, Morocco) in collaboration with Cadi Ayyad University and Managem Group
  • Blue Mining project to provide breakthrough solutions for a sustainable deep sea mining value chain (
  • Marine ferromanganese deposits - a major resource of E-tech element (MarineE-tech) project in collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre
  • Advanced geoscience modelling of South West England using Tellus high resolution multivariate data in collaboration with the University of Exeter
  • The critical metal potential of Northern Ireland
  • Rare earth element mineralisation associated with Precambrian igenous rocks in Botswana
  • Liberia minerals investment promotion

Professional association

  • Fellow of The Geological Society of London and Chartered Geologist
  • Geological Society, London representative on the Pan-European Reserves & Resources Reporting Committee (PERC)
  • Mineral Deposits Study Group
  •  2007 –2015 : Committee Member of the Applied Mineralogy Group of the Mineralogical Society
  •  2012 –2013 : Council Member of the Mineralogical Society

Published outputs

Key papers

Lusty, P A J, and Gunn, A G. 2014. Challenges to global mineral resource security and options for future supply. In: Jenkin, G R T, Lusty, P A J, McDonald, I, Smith, M P, Boyce, A J, and Wilkinson, J J (eds) Ore Deposits in an Evolving Earth. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 393

Goodenough, K M, Lusty, P A J, Roberts, N M W, Key, R M, and Garba, A. 2014. Post-collisional Pan-African granitoids and rare-metal pegmatites in western Nigeria: Age, petrogenesis and the 'pegmatite conundrum'. Lithos 200, 22-34

LUSTY, P A J, Scheib, C, Gunn, A G, and Walker, A S D. 2012. Reconnaissance-Scale Prospectivity Analysis for Gold Mineralisation in the Southern Uplands-Down-Longford Terrane, Northern Ireland. Natural Resources Research, 21, 359-382.

LUSTY, P A, NADEN, J, BOUCH, J J, MCKERVEY, J A, and MCFARLANE, J A. 2011. Atypical Gold Mineralization in an Orogenic Setting - The Bohaun Deposit Western Irish Caledonides. Economic Geology, 106, 359-380.

LUSTY, P A J, GUNN, A G, MCDONNELL, B C, CHACKSFIELD, M R, COOPER, M R, and Earls, G. 2009. Gold potential of the Dalradian rocks of northwest Northern Ireland: prospectivity analysis using Tellus data. Applied Earth Science (Trans. Inst. Min. Metall. B), Vol. 118, 162-177.