Dr Jonathan Lee

Dr Jonathan Lee
Quaternary Geologist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3517

E-mail Dr Jonathan Lee


  •  2007 – ongoing : BGS District Geologist for Northern and Southern East Anglia
  •  2005 –2013 : Honorary Research Associate, Royal Holloway University of London
  •  2003 – ongoing : Quaternary Geologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2000 –2003 : PhD, Royal Holloway University of London, Quaternary Geology
  •  1998 –1999 : MSc, Royal Holloway University of London, Quaternary Science
  •  1997 –1998 : IHS Energy, Petroleum Geologist
  •  1994 –1997 : BSc Hons, Kingston University, Geology and Phys Geography

Boards and committees

  •  2014 – ongoing : Editor (Quaternary): Proceedings of the Geologists' Association
  •  2014 – ongoing : Publications Secretary: Quaternary Research Association
  •  2012 –2014 : Book Review Editor: Proceedings of the Geologists' Association
  •  2007 –2010 : Executive Committee Member: Quaternary Research Association
  •  2002 –2007 : Committee Member: Geological Society of Norfolk


  • Clastic sedimentology: glacigenic, fluvial, marine and aeolian deposits
  • Heavy mineralogy
  • Mapping of lowland and highland superficial sequences
  • Mapping of sedimentary bedrock terrains
  • Quaternary Science

Current projects and collaboration

  • Early and Middle Pleistocene geology of East Anglia - collaborating with Jim Rose and Ian Candy (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Late Quaternary evolution of the Brecklands - with Mark Bateman (Sheffield)
  • Modelling Quaternary Ice Margins focussing on case studies in East Yorkshire and Staffordshire - collaborating with Richard Waller (Keele), David Evans and Dave Roberts (Durham)
  • BGS National Geological Model (Quaternary) - Project Leader
  • Editor: British Regional Geology, East Anglia (5th Edition)
  • International Quaternary Map of Europe (IQUAME) - main UK Contributor to the compilation and development of an online Quaternary map of Europe, run via the BRG CGMW.
  • Quaternary geology of Anglesey focussing on subglacial processes and meltwater activity associated with the Late Devensian Irish Sea Ice Stream
  • United Arab Emirates: Cenozoic geology and geomorphology the western UAE
  • Quaternary Training: BGS internal training courses (Lowland Quaternary Mapping, Glacitectonics); Korean Institute of Geosciences and Mineral (Quaternary and Urban Geology)
  • Basline Products: superficial map coverage and derived products

Professional association

  •  2001 – ongoing : Member of the Geological Society of Norfolk
  •  1998 – ongoing : Member of the Quaternary Research Association

Research interests

  • Glacial Histories: central and eastern England, North Sea, Irish Sea, Nordic Seas
  • Glacial geology and geomorphology
  • Quaternary fluvial systems and sea-level change
  • Sediment provenancing
  • Subglacial deformable beds and glaciotectonites


  •  2004 : Awarded the Lewis Penny Medal by the Quaternary Research Association


  •  2002 : Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching

Published outputs

Key papers

Lee, J.R., Phillips, E. 2013. Glacitectonics – a key approach to examining ice dynamics, substrate rheology and ice-bed coupling. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 124, 731-737.

Lee, J.R., Phillips, E., Booth, S.J., Rose, J., Evans, H.M., Pawley, S.J., Warren, M., Lawley, R.S. 2013. A polyphase glacitectonic model for ice-marginal retreat and terminal moraine development: the Middle Pleistocene British Ice Sheet, northern Norfolk, UK. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 124, 753-777.

Farrant, A.R., Ellison, R.A., Thomas, R.J., Pharoah, T.C., Newell, A.J., Goodenough, K.M., Lee, J.R., Knox, R.O’B. 2012. The Geology and Geophysics of the United Arab Emirates. Volume 6: Geology of the western and central United Arab Emirates. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 364pp.

Böse, M., Lüthgens, C., Lee, J.R., Rose, J. 2012. Quaternary glaciations of northern Europe. Quaternary Science Reviews, 44, 1-25.

Lee, J.R., Busschers, F.S., Sejrup, H.P. 2012. Pre-Weichselian Quaternary glaciations of the British Isles, The Netherlands, Norway and adjacent marine areas south of 68°N: implications for long-term ice sheet development in northern Europe. Quaternary Science Reviews, 44, 213-228. 

Larkin, N.R., Lee, J.R., Connell, E.R. 2011. Possible ice-rafted erratics in late Early to early Middle Pleistocene shallow marine and coastal deposits in northeast Norfolk, UK. Proceedings of the Geologist’s Association, 122, 445-454.

Phillips, E., Lee, J.R., Evans, H.M. (eds.). 2011. Glacitectonics – Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, Pontypool. 263pp.

Candy, I., Rose, J., Coope, G.R., Lee, J.R., Parfitt, S.A., Preece, R.C., Schreve, D.C. 2010. Pronounced warmth during early Middle Pleistocene interglacials: investigating the Mid-Bruhnes Event in the British terrestrial sequence. Earth Science Reviews, 103, 183-196.

Lee, J.R., Phillips, E. 2008. Progressive soft sediment deformation within a subglacial shear zone — a hybrid mosaic-pervasive deformation model for Middle Pleistocene glaciotectonised sediments from Eastern England. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27, 1350-1362.

Phillips, E., Lee, J.R., Burke, H.K. 2008. Progressive proglacial to subglacial deformation and syntectonic deformation at the margins of the Mid-Pleistocene British Ice Sheet: evidence from north Norfolk, UK. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27, 1848-1871.

Candy, I., Lee, J.R., Harrison, A.M. (eds.). 2008. Northern East Anglia – Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London. 264p.

Lee, J.R., Rose, J., Candy, I., Barendregt, R. 2006. Sea-level changes, river activity, soil development and glaciation around the western margins of the southern North Sea Basin during the Early and early Middle Pleistocene: evidence from Pakefield, Suffolk, UK. Journal of Quaternary Science, 21, 155-179.