Dr Romesh Niranjan Palamakumbura

Dr Romesh Niranjan Palamakumbura


Location: BGS Edinburgh

E-mail Dr Romesh Niranjan Palamakumbura

ORCID: 0000000268636916


  • 2016 –2017 : University of Edinburgh, Post-doctoral research assistant. Geochemistry of Permian to Triassic-aged deep-water siliciclastic and volcaniclastic sediments from South Island, New Zealand
  • 2011 –2015 : University of Edinburgh, PhD in Sedimentology, regional tectonics and Quaternary dating
  • 2006 –2011 : University of Edinburgh, M.Earth Sci. in Geology

Current projects and collaboration

  • GOForth project (Geological Observatory Forth)- an applied geoscience research programme to advance understanding of the properties and processes of geological and geomorphic systems in east Central Scotland, the region of the Forth estuary.
  • UK3D — 3D geological model for the United Kingdom
  • UPSCAPE- Upscaling local water management interventions to inform larger-scale decision-making in the Cauvery basin, India


  • Palamakumbura, R N and Robertson A H F. 2017. Pliocene-Pleistocene sedimentary-tectonic development of the Mesaoria (Mesarya) Basin in an incipient, diachronous collisional setting: facies evidence from the north of Cyprus. Geological Magazine
  • Palamakumbura, R N , Robertson, A H F, Kinnaird, T, Tait, J and Van Calasteren, P. 2016. Quantitative dating of Pleistocene deposits related to the tectonic uplift of the Kyrenia Range, northern Cyprus. Journal of the Geological Society
  • Palamakumbura, R N and Robertson, A H F. 2016. Pleistocene terrace formation related to surface tectonic uplift: example of the Kyrenia Range lineament in the northern part of Cyprus. Sedimentary Geology
  • Main, C, Robertson, A H F and Palamakumbura, R N . 2016. Pleistocene geomorphological and sedimentary development of the Akaki river catchment (northern Troodos Massif) in relation to tectonic uplift versus sea level change and climate change. International Journal of Earth Sciences
  • Palamakumbura, R N , Robertson, A H F, Kinnaird, T C, and Sanderson, D C W. 2015. Sedimentary development and correlation of Late Quaternary terraces in the Kyrenia Range, northern Cyprus, using a combination of sedimentology and optical luminescence data. International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau)
  • Palamakumbura, R N , Robertson, A H F, and Dixon, J E. 2012. Geochemical, sedimentary and micropaleontological evidence for a Late Maastrichtian oceanic seamount within the Pindos ocean (Arvi Unit, S Crete, Greece). Tectonophysics


  • Quaternary fluvial and clastic sedimentology
  • Eastern Mediterranean tectonics
  • Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating
  • Uranium-series disequilibrium dating
  • Magnetostratigraphy
  • Bulk rock geochemistry
  • Field-based luminescence profiling

Boards and committees

  • 2018 – ongoing : Editorial Board: Open Quaternary