Dr Dave McCarthy

Petroleum and Basin Analyst

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 206

E-mail Dr Dave McCarthy

ORCID: 000000020677773X


Dave McCarthy is project manager for the Falkland Islands Government geoscience consulatncy at the British Geological Survey. He completed both a degree and PhD in geology at the University College Cork. Dave has a background in structural geology and experience in both mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.


  • 2015 – ongoing : Project Leader of the Falklands Geoscience Consultancy Project
  • 2014 – ongoing : Petroleum and basin analyst
  • 2011 –2014 : PhD University College Cork Structural Geology
  • 2005 –2009 : BSc (Hons) University College Cork

Current projects and collaboration

Key papers

  • Stanca, R M, Paton, D A, Hodgson, D M, McCarthy, D J, and Mortimer, E J. 2019. A revised position for the rotated Falkland Islands microplate. Journal of the Geological Society, pp.jgs2018-163.
  • McCarthy, D J, Meere, P A, and Petronis, M S. 2019. Structure and internal deformation of thrust sheets in the Sawtooth Range, Montana: insights from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 487, pp.SP487-6.
  • Jones, D J, McCarthy, D J, and Dodd, T J. 2019. Tectonostratigraphy and the petroleum systems in the Northern sector of the North Falkland Basin, South Atlantic. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 103, pp.150-162.
  • McCarthy, D, Meere, P, and Mulchrone, K. 2019. Determining Finite Strain: how far have we progressed? Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 487, pp.SP487-2018.
  • Dodd, T J, McCarthy, D J, and Richards, P C. 2019. A depositional model for deep‐lacustrine, partially confined, turbidite fans: Early Cretaceous, North Falkland Basin. Sedimentology, 66(1), pp.53-80.
  • Westhead, R K, McCarthy, D J, Collier, J S, and Sanderson, D J. 2018. Spatial variability of the Purbeck–Wight Fault Zone—a long-lived tectonic element in the southern UK. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 129(3), pp.436-451.
  • Mulchrone, K F, Meere, P A and McCarthy, D J. 2016. A simple model in 2D for the development of steady-state and oblique foliations in simple shear and more general deformations. Ductile Shear Zones: From Micro- to Macro-scales. Blackwell, Editors Mukherjee, S, and Mulchrone, K
  • Meere, P A, Mulchrone, K F, McCarthy, D J, Timmerman, M J, and Dewey, J F, 2016. Prelithification and synlithification tectonic foliation development in a clastic sedimentary sequence. Geology, 44(4), 291-294.
  • McCarthy, D J, Meere, P A, and Petronis, M S. 2015. A comparison of the effectiveness of clast based finite strain analysis techniques to AMS in sandstones from the Sevier Thrust Belt, Wyoming. Tectonophysics, 639, 68-81.
  • Mulchrone, K F, McCarthy, D J, and Meere, P. 2013. Mathematica Code for Image Analysis, Semi-automatic Parameter Extraction and Strain Analysis. Computers and Geoscience, 61, 61-70.

Professional association

  • Fellow of the Geological Society
  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain


  • Cunningham Prize 2009: This prize was awarded by the Geological Survey of Ireland for the best field Honours mapping project submitted by an undergraduate in Geology in Ireland.
  • Thorley Sweetman Prize 2009: This prize is awarded for best field honours mapping thesis submitted to the UCC Department of Geology.

Research interests

  • Microstructural deformation
  • Rock magnetics
  • Thrust belt development
  • Petroleum geology
  • South Atlantic evolution and Gondwana breakup


  • Seismic interpretation
  • Regional basin analysis
  • Structural Geology
  • Strain analysis