Mr Jonathan Ford

Mr Jonathan Ford

Chief Geologist England

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3036

E-mail Mr Jonathan Ford


  •  2001 – ongoing : British Geological Survey, currently Chief Geologist England
  •  2000 –2001 : MSc Computing Science, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  •  1998 –1999 : Exploration Geologist, Billiton Exploration, Ecuador/Peru
  •  1995 –1998 : Exploration Geologist, RTZ Exploration, Bolivia
  •  1992 –1995 : BSc (Hons) Applied Geology, University of Leicester
  •  1991 –1991 : Apprentice Engineer, HJ Banks Open Cast Coal, Co Durham

Research interests

  • Applied 3D geological modelling and innovative GIS solutions
  • Geological and landscape evolution of Northern England and the Thames Basin
  • International geology, Latin America, Mauritania, Madagascar
  • Landscape evolution in the Anthropocene


  • Geological surveying and modelling in a range of terrains
  • Mineral exploration
  • Project management
  • Spanish speaker

Professional association

  • Chartered Geologist
  • European Geologist (EurGeol)
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Published outputs

Key papers

MONAGHAN, A.A. FORD, J.R. MILODOWSKI, A.E. MCINROY, D.B. PHARAOH, T.C. RUSHTON, J.C. BROWNE, M.A.E. COOPER, A.H. HULBERT, A.G. NAPIER, B. 2012. 3D geological models of aquifer and seal rocks at analogue CO2 storage sites in Lincolnshire and eastern Scotland, UK. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 59 (1) 53-76.

CHAMBERS, J E, WILKINSON, P B, KURAS, O, FORD, J R, GUNN, D A, MELDRUM, P I, PENNINGTON, C V L, WELLER, A L, HOBBS, P R N and OGILVY, R D. 2011. Three-dimensional geophysical anatomy of an active landslide in Lias Group mudrocks, Cleveland basin, UK. Geomorphology, vol. 125 no. 4 472-485.

PRICE, S J, FORD, J R, COOPER, A H, NEAL, C. 2011. Humans as major geological and geomorphological agents in the Anthropocene: the significance of artificial ground in Great Britain - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 13 March 2011 vol. 369 no. 1938 1056-1084.

FORD, J R, MATHERS, S J, ROYSE, K R, ALDISS, D T and MORGAN, D J R. 2010. Geological 3D modelling: scientific discovery and enhanced understanding of the subsurface, with examples from the UK. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft fr Geowissenschaften, Volume 161, Number 2, pp. 205–218(14).

FORD, J R, BURKE, H, ROYSE, K R, MATHERS, S J. 2008. The 3D geology of London and the Thames Gateway: a modern approach to geological surveying and its relevance in the urban environment. In: Cities and their underground environment: 2nd European conference of International Association of engineering geology: Euroengeo 2008, Madrid, Spain, 15–20 Sept 2008.