Dr Lorraine Patrica Field

Dr Lorraine Patrica Field

Environmental Mineralogist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3028

E-mail Dr Lorraine Patrica Field


  •  2012 – ongoing : Petrologist, BGS
  •  2011 : PhD University of Bristol. The magmatic evolution of Dabbahu volcano, and the 2010 eruption of Erta Ale, Afar, Ethiopia
  •  2007 : BSc (Hons) University of Durham, Geology


  • Analytical experience includes microscopy including cold-CL, SEM, ESEM, EMPA, Ar-Ar dating, autoradiography and fluorescence scanning, Diamond Beamline

Research interests

  • Petrology. I originally trained as an igneous petrologist, but since arriving at BGS my interests have broadened and I now work on more environmental issues.
  • Radioactive waste disposal. Much of my work involves investigating the potential effects of radioactive waste disposal on the surrounding host rocks, looking at alteration and precipitation of secondary phases.
  • Hyperalkaline systems and analogues is a fascinating area and I am currently working on projects related to these systems.

Boards and committees

  •  2012 – ongoing : Committee member of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG)

Professional association

  •  2012 : Currently involved in the following consortium projects: BIGRAD IMAGES Chemical Containment

Published outputs

  • Field et al. 2013 Magmatic history of Dabbahu, a composite volcano in the Afar Rift, Ethiopia. GSA bulletin, v125 no 1-2 (19 pp 128-147).
  • Field et al. 2012. Integrated field, satellite and petrological observations of the November 2010 eruption of Erta Ale. Bulletin of Volcanology v74(10) pp 2251-2271.
  • Field et al.  2012.  Magma storage conditions beneath Dabbahu Volcano (Ethiopia) constrained by petrology, seismicity and satellite geodesy.   Bulletin of Volcanology, v74 (5 pp 981–1004).