Dr Louise Ander

Environmental Process Geochemist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3606

E-mail Dr Louise Ander


  • Geochemist in the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, BGS
  • Honorary lecturer in the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham


Research interests

  • Applications of baseline geochemical data to understanding plant, livestock and human nutrition relationships.
  • Soil quality in urban and rural areas, and understanding causes of observed variations in inorganic chemistry.
  • Hydrogeochemistry - regional assessments of controls on inorganic water quality, especially in relation to private drinking water supplies.
  • Urban geochemical landscapes.

Professional association

  • Geochemical Society member


  • GIS for data integration, interpretation and presentation
  • Using databases to manage and integrate large/disparate datasets.
  • Statistics - for interpretation of geochemical and related datasets.

Published outputs

Key papers

ANDER, E L, WATTS, M J, SMEDLEY, P L, HAMILTON, E M, CLOSE, R M, CRABBE, H, FLETCHER, T, RIMMELL, A, STUDDEN, M, AND LEONARDI, G. 2016. Variability in the chemistry of private drinking water supplies, and the impact of domestic treatment systems on water quality. Environmental Geochemistry & Health, DOI: 10.1007/s10653-016-9798-0.

JOY, E J M, KUMSSA, D B, BROADLEY, M R, WATTS, M J, YOUNG, S D, CHILIMBA, A D C, AND ANDER, E L. 2015. Dietary mineral supplies in Malawi: spatial and socioeconomic assessment. BMC Nutrition, Vol. 1, 1-25. 10.1186/s40795-015-0036-4

JOY, E J M, STEIN, A J, YOUNG, S D, ANDER, E L, WATTS, M J, AND BROADLEY, M R. 2015. Zinc-enriched fertilisers as a potential public health intervention in Africa. Plant and Soil, Vol. 389, 1-24.

LARK, R M, ANDER, E L, CAVE, M R, KNIGHTS, K V, GLENNON, M, AND SCANLON, R. 2014. Estimating the risk of cobalt deficiency for grazing ruminants by cokriging soil cobalt and manganese concentrations. Geoderma, Vol. 226-227, 64-78.

SMEDLEY, P L, COOPER, D M, ANDER, E L, MILNE, C J, AND LAPWORTH, D J. 2014. Occurrence of molybdenum in British surface water and groundwater: distribution, controls and implications for water supply. Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 40, 144-154.

ANDER, E L, JOHNSON, C C, CAVE, M R, PALUMBO-ROE, B, NATHANAIL, C P, and LARK, R M. 2013. Normal Background Concentrations of Contaminants in English Soils. Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 454-455, 604-618.

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