Dr Timothy Kearsey

Dr Timothy Kearsey
Survey Geologist

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 232

E-mail Dr Timothy Kearsey


  •  2009 – ongoing : Geologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2005 –2009 : PhD University of Plymouth
  •  2001 –2005 : MSci University of Birmingham, with an international year at the University of British Columbia, Geology


  • ArcGIS and digital mapping
  • Geological mapping of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic terrains
  • Integrated GSI3D and GoCAD and ArcScene 3D modelling
  • Sedimentary field logging and facies analysis
  • Stable isotope geochemistry

Research interests

  • Applications of 3D modelling to faulted Palaeozoic terrains in the Scottish Highlands and Eden Valley
  • Carbon Capture and storage
  • Digital Geological Modelling
  • Paleosols and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Permo/Triassic Mass Extinctions
  • Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy
  • Stable isotope temperature and carbon dioxide proxies

Current projects and collaboration

  •  2012 – ongoing : Assynt Culmination Geological 3D Model
  •  2012 – ongoing : TWEED: setting the trajectory of Tetrapod evolution: NERC-funded consortium project in collaboration with Cambridge, Leicester and Southampton universities and the National Museum of Scotland
  •  2011 – ongoing : Quaternary mapping of the Foyers area and Monadhliath Plateau
  •  2009 – ongoing : GSI3D and GOCAD stochastic and deterministic 3D model development including creation of 3D models in highly faulted and folded terrains
  •  2009 – ongoing : Russian Permian Triassic Boundary Project, with Prof. Richard Twitchett of Plymouth University
  •  2005 – ongoing : GLS Clyde Basin Project — superficial and coalfield 3D modelling

Professional association

  • Fellow of Geological Society of London
  • Member of the British Sedimentary Research Group
  • Member of the Quaternary Research Association

Published outputs

Key papers

KEARSEY, T, TWITCHETT, RJ, and NEWELL AJ. 2012. The origin and significance of pedogenic dolomite from the South Urals of Russia. Geological magazine, Vol. 149 (2), 291-307.

KEARSEY, T.; MCCORMAC, M.; MONAGHAN, A.A.; TERRINGTON, R.L.; MATHERS, S.; CAMPBELL, S.D.G. 2012. Creation and delivery of Multi-scalar GOCAD™ Models for the UK 3D National Geological Model : examples and issues from Scotland. In: 32nd Gocad Meeting, Nancy, France, 4-7 Sept 2012.

NEWELL, AJ, BENTON, MJ, KEARSEY, T, TAYLOR, GK, TWITCHETT, RJ, TVERDOKHLEBOV, VP. 2012. Calcretes, fluviolacustrine sediments and subsidence patterns in Permo-Triassic salt-walled minibasins of the south Urals, Russia. Sedimentology, 59 (5). 1659-1676.

KEARSEY, T, TWITCHETT, RJ, PRICE GD and GRIMES ST. 2009. Isotope excursions and palaeotemperature estimates from the Permian/Triassic boundary in the Southern Alps (Italy). Palaeogeograph, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol, 279, 29-40.

TAYLOR, GK, TUCKER, C, TWITCHETT, RJ, KEARSEY, T, BENTON, MJ, NEWELL, AJ, SURKOV, MV, TVERDOKHLEBOV, VP. 2009. Magnetostratigraphy of Permian/Triassic boundary sequences in the Cis-Urals, Russia: No evidence for a major temporal hiatus. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 281, 36-47.