Dr Andrew Newell

Dr Andrew Newell Sedimentary Geologist

Location: Wallingford

Tel: 01491 69 2244

E-mail Dr Andrew Newell


  •  1996 :  Senior Geologist, British Geological Survey
  •  1993 –1996 :  Gibb Deep Geology Group, Sellafield, UK
  •  1992 :  PhD Sedimentology, Queen's University Belfast
  •  1988 :  BSc (Hons) Geology, Queen's University Belfast

Current projects and collaboration

  •  3D geological modelling of the UK
  •  Cenozoic stratigraphy and structural evolution of the United Arab Emirates
  •  Groundwater-surface water interaction in the Chalk streams of the UK
  •  In Salah CO2 storage, Algeria
  •  Permo-Triassic terrestrial systems of the UK and Russia

Research interests

  •  Sedimentology and stratigraphy
  •  Applications of GIS, 3D visualisation, LIDAR and downhole imaging in sedimentology and stratigraphy

Professional association

  •  Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Published outputs

Key papers

Newell, A.J., Benton, M.J., Kearsey, T., Taylor, G., Twitchett, R.J., Tverdokhlebov, V.P. 2012. Calcretes, fluviolacustrine sediments and subsidence patterns in Permo-Triassic salt-walled minibasins of the south Urals, Russia. Sedimentology 59, 1659-1676.

Benton, M.J., Newell, A.J., Khlyupin, A.b.Y., Shumov, I.y.S., Price, G.D., Kurkin, A.A. 2012. Preservation of exceptional vertebrate assemblages in Middle Permian fluviolacustrine mudstones of Kotel'nich, Russia: stratigraphy, sedimentology, and taphonomy. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 319–320, 58-83.

Newell, A.J., Evans, D.J. 2011. Timing of basin inversion on the Isle of Wight: New evidence from geophysical log correlation, seismic sections and lateral facies change in the Palaeogene Headon Hill Formation. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association 122, 868-882.

Bloomfield, J.P., Bricker, S.H., Newell, A.J. 2011. Some relationships between lithology, basin form and hydrology: a case study from the Thames basin, UK. Hydrological Processes 25, 2518-2530.