Dr Charles Gowing

Dr Charles Gowing

Analytical Geochemist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3345

E-mail Dr Charles Gowing


  •  2014 : Sample Handling Manager
  •  2012 : Radiometrics Manger
  •  2010 : Internal auditor
  •  2008 : UKAS Quality Manager
  •  2005 : Aqueous Analytical Manager
  •  2000 : Radiation Protection Supervisor
  •  1992 : Analytical Geochemist at BGS
  •  1993 : PhD Open University, Development of rapid techniques based on selective dissolution for the determination of the precious metals in geological materials
  •  1987 : BSc University of Sheffield, Combined Honours: Chemistry Geology


  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Quality Management
  • Statistics and Uncertainty

Current projects and collaboration

  • Sediment pollutants in the Thames estuary


  • Gowing, C J B, Chenery, S R N, and Vane C H. 2014. Dating the Anthropocene – Pb-210 geochronology of river and estuarine sediments from the River Thames. Presentation at Coordinating Group for Environmental Radioactivity Conference, April 2014.
  • Gowing, C J B, and Shaw, R A. 2013. A Radiological Assessment of Pulverised Fly Ash from United Kingdom Coal-fired Power Stations. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/13/010. 23pp.
  • Milne, C J, Barlow, T S, Chenery, S R N, Gowing, C J B, Harrison, H M, Raycraft, E R, Richardson, C L, Sklenars, L J, Warham, J O, and Watts, M J. 2013. Tellus Border: Geochemical analysis of stream water samples. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/13/018. 38pp.
  • Rawlins, B G, McGrath, S P, Scheib, A J, Breward, N, Cave, M, Lister, T R, Ingham, M, Gowing, C, Carter, S. 2012. The advanced soil geochemical atlas of England and Wales. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 227pp.
  • Allen, M A, Cave, M R, Chenery, S R N, Gowing, C J B, and Reeder, S. 2011. Sample Preparation and Inorganic Analysis for Urban Geochemical Survey Soil and Sediment Samples. Chapter 3, 28-46. In: Mapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas. Johnson C C, Demetriades, A, Locutura, J, and Ottesen, R T. (Eds.). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Chichester, UK.
  • Wragg, J, Cave, M, Taylor, H, Gowing, C, Gregory, S. 2009. The solid phase distribution and Bioaccessibility of arsenic, chromium and nickel in natural ironstone soils in the UK. Poster presentation at the Practical Applications in Medical Geology conference.
  • Gowing, C J B, Ingham, M N, Vickers, B P, Allen, M A, Harrison, H M; Carter, S J, Eatherington, N D, Grimsley, L D, Moss-Hayes, V L, Barlow, T S, Williams, C L, O'Reilly, J E, Smith, A, Smiles, C A, Walker, S S; Neep, P, Barker, K, Brettle, C, Kirkham, M P, Wheeler, J, Dean, M C, Merry, L T, Slater, C D, Cohen, A S. 2007. Sample preparation and geochemical analysis of soil samples from the TELLUS project; end of project report. British Geological Survey report (CR/07/044).
  • Gillespie, M R, Leader, R U, Higgo, J J W, Harrison, I, Hards, V L, Gowing, C J B, Vickers, B P, Boland, M P and Morgan, D J. 2000. CEC & Kd determination in landfill performance evaluation: a review of methodologies and preparation of standard materials for laboratory analysis. Environment Agency R &D Technical Report, P340 Environment Agency, 67 pp.
  • Davis, A E, and Gowing, C J B. 1999. The Preparation and Certification of Two Copper Concentrate Reference Materials: BGS100 and BGS101. British Geological Survey, Technical Report, WI/99/12, 31 pp.

Research interests

  • Field analysis, including hand held XRFS for sedimentary profiling, ore characterisation and building stone provenance
  • Medical geology, including contaminated land analysis
  • Radiometric analysis, Pb-210 by gamma spectrometry, dating the anthropocene
  • Reference Materials

Boards and committees

  • Member of the GeoPT Steering Group (geological sample analysis proficiency testing scheme)
  • Member of the Atomic Spectroscopy Group Committee (Royal Society of Chemistry, Analytical Division)
  • Member of the CONTEST Steering Group (contaminated land analysis proficiency testing scheme)
  • Secretary of the Co-Ordinating Group on Environmental Radioactivity (COGER)

Professional association

  • Chartered Chemist, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry - CChem MRSC

Published outputs