Dr Andy Chadwick

Dr Andy Chadwick

Individual Merit Research Scientist: CCS

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3183

E-mail Dr Andy Chadwick


  •  2000 –2000 : DSc Structural Geology (University of Durham)
  •  1984 –1984 : MA Geology (University of Oxford)
  •  1977 –1978 : MSc Geophysics (University of Durham)
  •  1974 –1977 : BA Geology (University of Oxford)

Boards and committees

  •  2011 –2014 : Consultant Editor: Greenhouse Gases - Science and Technology journal
  •  2011 –2013 : Editorial Expert Panel of the 6th and 7th International Conferences on CCS at Trondheim, Norway (TCCS-6 ansd TCCS-7)
  •  2011 –2012 : International Expert Panel for the Government of Alberta CCS Regulatory Framework Assessment.
  •  2010 –2014 : Expert Panel of the 10th, 11th and 12th International Conferences on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-10 and GHGT-11).
  •  2009 –2014 : IEAGHG Monitoring Network Steering Committee.


  • Basin analysis
  • CCS
  • Seismic interpretation and analysis
  • Time-lapse geophysical monitoring

Professional association

  •  2013 –2013 : External Examiner for PhD at University of Bergen.
  •  2007 –2007 : External Examiner for PhD at University of Leicester.
  •  1995 –2014 : Chartered Geologist
  •  1989 –1993 : External Examiner in Exploration Geophysics, Imperial College London
  •  1978 –2013 : Fellow of the Geological Society, London.

Research interests

  • All aspects of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Extension and inversion tectonics, fault reactivation, seismotectonic, time-lapse geophysics, fluid flow in rocks.
  • Fault reactivation and seismotectonics


  •  1991 –1991 : Awarded the William Smith Fund of the Geological Society of London

Current projects and collaboration

  •  2013 –2016 : Principal Investigator: DiSECCS - Diagnostic Seismic Toolbox for Efficient Control of CO2 Storage. EPSRC Grant. Project partners: Universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and National Oceanography Centre.
  •  2012 –2017 : UK CCS Research Centre. Member of Co-ordination Group and Research Area Champion for monitoring. [EPSRC Grant].
  •  2011 –2013 : COCARE (EU/Industry CO2 Storage Site Closure)
  •  2011 –2015 : ECO2 (EU, offshore CO2 Storage Monitoring and Impacts)
  •  2011 –2014 : SiteChar (EU/Industry CO2 Storage Site Characterisation)
  •  2009 –2017 : BIGCCS Centre of Excellence (Norway). Founder member and scientific collaborator. [Funded by Reserach Council of Norway and industry consortium].
  •  2006 –2012 : CO2ReMoVe (EU/Industry CO2 Storage Performance Prediction and Monitoring)

Published outputs

Key papers

Chadwick R.A. & Eiken, O. 2013. Offshore CO2 storage: Sleipner natural gas field beneath the North Sea (Chapter 10). In: Gluyas, J. & Mathias, S. (eds) Geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) – Geoscience, technologies, environmental aspects and legal frameworks. Woodhead Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978-0-85709-427-8, 227-250.

Williams, G.A. & Chadwick, R.A. 2013. Quantitative seismic analysis of a thin layer on CO2 in the Sleipner injection plume. Geophysics. 77, 245-256.

Chadwick, R.A., Williams, G.A., Williams, J.D.O. & Noy, D.J. 2012. Measuring pressure performance of a large saline aquifer during industrial scale CO2 injection: the Utsira Sand, Norwegian North Sea. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 10 (2012), 374-388.

CHADWICK R.A. 2010. Measurement and monitoring technologies for verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) storage in underground reservoirs. In: Maroto-Valer (ed) Developments and Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage Technology: Volume 2 - Carbon dioxide storage and utilization. Woodhead Publishing Ltd, Cambridge, UK, 203-239.

CHADWICK, R.A. & NOY, D.J. 2010. History - matching flow simulations and time-lapse seismic data from the Sleipner CO2 plume. In: Vining, B.A. & Pickering, S.C. (eds)  Petroleum Geology:From Mature basins to New Frontiers -  Proceedings of the 7th Petroleum Geology Conference. Petroleum Geology Conferences Ltd. Published by the Geological Society, London, 1171-1182.

CHADWICK, R.A., NOY, D.J. & HOLLOWAY, S. 2009. Flow processes and pressure evolution in  aquifers during the injection of supercritical CO2 as a greenhouse gas mitigation measure. Petroleum Geoscience, 15, 59-73.

CHADWICK, R.A., ARTS, R., BERNSTONE, C., MAY, F., THIBEAU, S & ZWEIGEL, P. 2008. Best Practice for the Storage of CO2 in Saline Aquifers. (Keyworth, Nottingham: British Geological Survey Occasional Publication No. 14. ISBN: 978-0-85272-610-5. 277 pp.

CHADWICK, R.A. & EVANS, D.J. 2005. A Seismic Atlas of Southern Britain - images of subsurface structure.  Keyworth, Nottingham: British Geological Survey, Occasional Publication No. 7, 196 pp.

CHADWICK, R.A., ARTS, R., & EIKEN, O. 2005. 4D seismic quantification of a growing CO2 plume at  Sleipner,  North Sea. In: Dore, A.G. & Vining, B. (eds)  Petroleum Geology: North West Europe and Global Perspectives -  Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference. Petroleum Geology Conferences Ltd. Published by the Geological Society, London, 1385-1399.