Hugh Barron

Mr Hugh Barron

Business Manager, BGS Scotland

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 258

E-mail Hugh Barron

Published outputs


  • 2015 – ongoing : Business Manager, BGS Scotland
  • 2012 – ongoing : Accessing Subsurface Knowledge (ASK) Coordinator
  • 2002 – ongoing : Sector Manager Scotland, Business Development
  • 2015 –2017 : Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division and Energy Resources Division: part-time Secondment
  • 2010 –2015 : Responsive Surveys Scotland Manager
  • 2008 –2010 : Team Leader, Responsive Surveys Scotland
  • 2008 –2010 : Deputy to Chief Geologist, Scotland
  • 1994 – ongoing : Geologist, BGS Edinburgh
  • 1991 –1994 : BGS Programme Board Secretary, BGS Keyworth
  • 1986 –1991 : Stratigraphic Palynologist, BGS Keyworth
  • 1986 - MSc by Research, University of Aberdeen, Palynology
  • 1981 –1985 : Geologist, oil service company
  • 1981 - BSc (Hons) University of Aberdeen, Geology


  • Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Volunteer of the year award, 2011

Boards and committees

  • 2017 – ongoing : Member, Geological Society Geoconservation Committee
  • 2014 – ongoing : Scotland's Environment Web (SEWeb) Programme and Development Group
  • 2011 – ongoing : Member, Scottish Geodiversity Charter Working Group
  • 2014 – ongoing : BGS representative on Fife Geothermal
  • 2014 – ongoing : Vice President (Geology), International Appalachian Trail
  • 2011 –2015 : Ext. Examiner, University of Edinburgh Geographic Information Science MSc
  • 2008 –2015 : Chair, Association for Geographic Information (AGI), Scotland
  • 2014 –2015 : Alternate member, Scottish Government Geothermal Energy Expert Group
  • 2013 –2014 : Alternate member, Scottish Government Independent Expert Scientific Panel on Unconventional Oil and Gas
  • 2008 –2011 : Delivery Team, Cairngorms National Park Authority
  • 2007 –2011 : Director of Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Ltd and Council member

Commissioned reports

  • Robinson, R A J, Townsend, P, Steen, P, Barron, H F, Abesser, C A, Muschamp, H, McGrath, I, and Todd, I. 2016. Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund: the Guardbridge Geothermal Technology Project. 105pp.
  • The James Hutton Institute. 2016. Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund: Fortissat Community Minewater Geothermal Energy District Heating Network. 103pp.
  • Gillespie, M R, Crane, E J and Barron, H F. 2012. Deep geothermal energy potential in Scotland. Geology and Landscape, Scotland Programme CR/12/131.

Current projects and collaboration

  • Potential for heat extraction and energy storage from abandoned coal mines in central Scotland with various local authorities and other partners
  • Accessing Subsurface Knowledge (ASK) Network development with Glasgow City Council, Scottish Water, Transport Scotland, SWECO and others
  • Geological information and advice for infrastructure development
  • Geological uses for abandoned surface coal mines
  • Scottish Geodiversity Charter with Scottish Geodiversity Forum, SNH, Scottish Government and GeoConservationUK

Professional association

  • 2005 – ongoing : CSci. Chartered Scientist
  • 1997 – ongoing : CGeol. Chartered Geologist
  • 1994 – ongoing : Fellow of the Geological Society

Research interests

  • Geothermal energy - particularly from abandoned mines
  • 3D geological modelling, visualisation and applications to regeneration and infrastructure
  • Geodiversity and geotourism


  • Business development and commercial project management
  • Field geology
  • Thermogeology and shallow geothermal energy
  • GIS applications, geovisualisation and digital mapping
  • Lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palynology

Key papers

HARNMEIJER, J, SCHLICKE, A, BARRON, H F, BANKS, D, TOWNSEND, D, STEEN, P, NIKOLAKOPOULOU, v, LU, H and ZHENGAO, C. 2017. Fortissat minewater geothermal district heating project: case study. Engineering & Technology Reference Case Study 1–8 doi: 10.1049/etr.2016.0087

BARRON, H F, BONSOR, H C, BRICKER, S, ENTWISLE, D C, LAWRENCE, D J D, LAWRIE, K I G, DOCHARTAIGH, B É Ó, CAMPBELL, S D G, HALL, WATSON, S and Hall, I. 2013. Maximising past investment in subsurface data in urban areas for sustainable resource management: a pilot in Glasgow, UK, Ground Engineering, 46 (2). 25–28.

GORDON, J G and BARRON, H F. 2013. The role of geodiversity in delivering ecosystem services and benefits in Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 49, Pt. 1, 41–58.

LEMON, K, BARRON, and H F, GORDON, J E. 2013. Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter: a step forward for Scottish Geoparks.150–153 In Proceeding of the 12th European Geoparks Conference, National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Alburni Geopark, Italy 4–7 September 2013 Aloia, A, Calcatera, D, Cuomo, A, De Vita, A and Guida, D (editors) ISBN 978-88-907281-4-3

GORDON, J G, BARRON, H F and MILLER, A D. 2012. New directions in geoconservation: Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter. European Geologist. No. 34, 48–52.

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GORDON, J G, BARRON, H F, HANSOM, J D and THOMAS, M F. 2012. Engaging with geodiversity – why it matters. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association Vol. 123,1–6.

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BARRON, H F, PHILLIPS, E R and FLOYD, J D. 2004. The Lamington Conglomerate: further evidence for an ophiolitic source for the Ordovician Marchburn Formation, Northern Belt,
Southern Uplands. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 40, 7–12.

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MCCAFFREY, W D, BARRON, H F, MOLYNEUX, S G, and KNELLER, B C. 1992. Derived microfossils as provenance indicators: implications for Caledonian Terrane Reconstruction. Geological Magazine. Vol. 129, No. 4, 457–464.

  • BARRON, H F, MARVINNEY, R G and WYLEZOL, P. 2016. International Appalachian Trail bridges Atlantic divide. Earth Heritage, Issue 45, 20 – 22.
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