Hugh Barron

Mr Hugh Barron

Business Manager, BGS Scotland

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 258

E-mail Hugh Barron


  •  2015 – ongoing : Business Manager, BGS Scotland
  •  2015 – ongoing : Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division and Energy Resources Division: part-time Secondment
  •  2010 –2015 : Responsive Surveys Scotland Manager
  •  2012 – ongoing : Accessing Subsurface Knowledge (ASK) Coordinator
  •  2002 – ongoing : Sector Manager Scotland, Business Development
  •  2008 –2010 : Team Leader, Responsive Surveys Scotland
  •  2008 –2010 : Deputy to Chief Geologist, Scotland
  •  1994 – ongoing : Geologist, BGS Edinburgh
  •  1991 –1994 : BGS Programme Board Secretary, BGS Keyworth
  •  1986 –1991 : Stratigraphic Palynologist, BGS Keyworth
  • 1986 - MSc by Research, University of Aberdeen, Palynology
  •  1981 –1985 : Geologist, oil service company
  • 1981 - BSc (Hons) University of Aberdeen, Geology

Commissioned reports

  • M R GILLESPIE, E J CRANE and H F BARRON. 2012. Deep geothermal energy potential in Scotland. Geology and Landscape, Scotland Programme CR/12/131.
  • ROBINSON, R A J, TOWNSEND, P, STEEN, P, BARRON, H F, ABESSER, C A, MUSCHAMP, H, MCGRATH, I, and TODD, I. 2016. Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund: the Guardbridge Geothermal Technology Project. 105pp.
  • THE JAMES HUTTON INSTITUTE. 2016. Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund: Fortissat Community Minewater Geothermal Energy District Heating Network. 103pp.

Current projects and collaboration

  • Potential for geothermal energy in Scotland with the Scottish Government, University of St Andrews, Fife Geothermal, Clyde Gateway, Mijnwater BV (Netherlands), Town Rock Energy, Arup and others
  • Accessing Subsurface Knowledge (ASK) Network development with Glasgow City Council, Scottish Water, Transport Scotland, SWECO and others
  • Geological information and advice for infrastructure development
  • Geological uses for abandoned surface coal mines
  • Scottish Geodiversity Charter with Scottish Geodiversity Forum, SNH, Scottish Government and GeoConservationUK
  • Popular geological map and guide to Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis, and 3D landscape visualisation with Lochaber Geopark

Professional association

  •  2005 – ongoing : CSci. Chartered Scientist
  •  1997 – ongoing : CGeol. Chartered Geologist
  •  1994 – ongoing : Fellow of the Geological Society


  • Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Volunteer of the year award, 2011

Research interests

  • Geothermal energy in Scotland
  • 3D geological modelling, visualisation and applications to regeneration and infrastructure
  • Geodiversity and geotourism

Boards and committees

  •  2014 –2015 : Alternate member, Scottish Government Geothermal Energy Expert Group
  •  2008 –2015 : Chair, Association for Geographic Information (AGI), Scotland
  •  2011 –2015 : Ext. Examiner, University of Edinburgh Geographic Information Science MSc
  •  2014 – ongoing : Scotland's Environment Web (SEWeb) Programme and Development Group
  •  2014 – ongoing : Vice President (Geology), International Appalachian Trail
  •  2011 – ongoing : Member, Scottish Geodiversity Charter Working Group
  •  2011 – ongoing : International Appalachian Trail Scotland
  •  2008 –2011 : Delivery Team, Cairngorms National Park Authority
  •  2007 –2011 : Director of Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Ltd and Council member


  • Business development and commercial project management
  • Responsive geological surveys, GIS applications and digital mapping
  • 3D geological modelling and visualisation
  • Lower Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palynology

Published outputs

Key papers

BARRON, H F, BONSOR, H C, BRICKER, S, ENTWISLE, D C, LAWRENCE, D J D, LAWRIE, K I G, DOCHARTAIGH, B É Ó, CAMPBELL, S D G, HALL, WATSON, S and Hall, I. 2013. Maximising past investment in subsurface data in urban areas for sustainable resource management: a pilot in Glasgow, UK, Ground Engineering, 46 (2). 25–28.

GORDON, J G and BARRON, H F. 2013. The role of geodiversity in delivering ecosystem services and benefits in Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 49, Pt. 1, 41–58.

GORDON, J G, BARRON, H F and MILLER, A D. 2012. New directions in geoconservation: Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter. European Geologist. No. 34, 48–52.

GORDON, J G, BARRON, H F. 2012. Valuing Geodiversity and Geoconservation: Developing a More Strategic Ecosystem Approach. Scottish Geographical Journal. Vol. 128, Issue 3-4, 278–297.

GORDON, J G, BARRON, H F, HANSOM, J D and THOMAS, M F. 2012. Engaging with geodiversity – why it matters. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association Vol. 123,1–6.

MOLYNEUX, S G, BARRON, H F and SMITH, R A. 2008. Upper Llandovery–Wenlock (Silurian) palynology of the Pentland Hills inliers, Midland Valley of Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 44, 151–168.

BARRON, H F, PHILLIPS, E R and FLOYD, J D. 2004. The Lamington Conglomerate: further evidence for an ophiolitic source for the Ordovician Marchburn Formation, Northern Belt,
Southern Uplands. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 40, 7–12.

PHILLIPS, E R, BARRON, H F, SMITH, R A, AND ARKLEY, S L B. 2004. Composition and provenance of the Silurian to Devonian sequences of the Southern Midland Valley. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 40, 23–42.

MCCAFFREY, W D, BARRON, H F, MOLYNEUX, S G, and KNELLER, B C. 1992. Derived microfossils as provenance indicators: implications for Caledonian Terrane Reconstruction. Geological Magazine. Vol. 129, No. 4, 457–464.

BARRON, H F. 1989. Dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian to basal Portlandian) of the Helmsdale region, east Sutherland, Scotland. 193–213 in Northwest European Micropalaeontology and Palynology. Batten, D J, and Keen, M (editors). (Chichester: Ellis Horwood.)