Funding opportunities

New grants

Recent Earthquakes Teachable Moments grant opportunity for UK university departments

An invitation to supply timely UK specific powerpoint presentations for science teachers immediately following noteworthy seismic events. The British Geophysical Association in collaboration with the UK school seismology project would like to trial production of a UK supplement to these presentations, providing UK specific information for large global events and adding slides for noteworthy UK and European events that IRIS does not cover.

seismology@school teachers workshop

Géoazur along with scientists and education experts from Italy, France, Switzerland and the UK have organized an in-service training workshop aimed at secondary school teachers of sciences or geosciences who are interested in finding out how to use seismology in their own classrooms as a "hook" to get students interested in a wide range of science topics and as a socially relevant context for seeing how the Work of scientists impacts everyday lives. The workshop will run over five days (October 21–25, 2013) in Valbonen Sophia Antipolis, near Nice, France and will include lectures, practical sessions and field visits.

Full funding (including travel, course fees and subsistence is available from the EU COMENIUS programme)

Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop - Topic: Natural Hazards

The 2013-GIFT (Geosciences Information for Teachers) Workshop will take place on April 7-10, 2013 during the General Assembly of EGU in Vienna Austria. The general theme of the workshop is Natural Hazards and it will explore some of the complex relationship that exists between natural hazards and society. Deadline for Application is 30 October 2012. Grants are available to support attending this workshop.

Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

In 2011 the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain provided 8 grants of up to £2,250 to University geoscience departments who wanted to get involved in the project and support schools in their area. The grants are administered by the RAS/BGA.

First round grants were won by Bristol University, Keele University, Liverpool University and Penwith College.

The second round application deadline was 30th June 2011.

Other funding schemes

Other funding schemes that schools have successfully applied for as part of this project:

  • The Institute of Physics have a grant scheme for schools which will provide up to £500 for science equipment
  • The Royal Society Partnership Grants scheme will provide funds of £250–3000 for science projects collaborating with working scientists in academia or industry
  • The Rolls Royce Science Prize provides funds of £1000, £5000 or £25000 to projects aimed at improving science education in schools