Corporate aims

We aim to:

  • address the needs and requirements of all our customers and users through provision of relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date information and advice to modern standards and to appropriate specifications;
  • determine customer/user needs and requirements through consultation and provide work of assured quality within the context of an agreed framework of standards against which it can be judged;
  • operate at all times to the highest professional standards; emphasise impartiality, confidentiality, reliability and promptness, and value for money;
  • remain committed to the management of health and safety in providing a secure and healthy workplace, meeting legal obligations and incorporating appropriate safety and environmental risk assessments in all programmes, projects and facilities;
  • maintain and develop well-founded laboratories and information systems and services;
  • be an equal opportunities employer;
  • foster a culture of team work, provide staff with a stimulating work environment, modern facilities and first-class training.
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