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Upper Brimham Grit

Computer Code: UPBM Preferred Map Code: UpBm
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Kinderscoutian Substage (CK) — Kinderscoutian Substage (CK)
Lithological Description: A thickly bedded, trough cross-bedded, grey, coarse-grained, feldspathic sandstone, fine-grained in upper 3m and with ganister top.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Sharp upward change in a conformable succession from predominantly siltstone to sandstone - base of first coarse-grained sandstone bed above the Brimham Shale.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Sharp upward change in a conformable succession from sandstone to predominantly mudstone - top of last sandstone bed below the Wandley Gill Sandstone.
Thickness: 5 to15m
Geographical Limits: Pennines foothills southwest and east of Masham [SE2230 8080].
Parent Unit: Hebden Formation (HEBD)
Previous Name(s): Upper Plompton Grit (UPG)
Second Brimham Grit (-1895)
Alternative Name(s): Upper Plompton Grit
Reference Section  North Gill Beck (Hambleton Dike) a tributary of the River Laver, 8km west of Kirby Malzeard, North Yorkshire; full succession seen. Wilson and Thompson, 1965. 
Reference Section  Hack Fall on River Ure, 2.5km north of Kirkby Malzeard, North Yorkshire; base seen. Wilson and Thompson, 1965. 
Wilson, A A and Thompson, A T. 1965. The Carboniferous section in the Kirkby Malzeard area, Yorkshire. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society. Vol 35, 203-227. 
Cooper, A H and Burgess, I C. 1993. Geology of the country around Harrogate. Memoir for 1:50000 geological sheet 62 (England and Wales). London: HMSO for the British Geological Survey. 
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