The BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units — Result Details

Redbourne Group

Computer Code: RDBN Preferred Map Code: Rdbn
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Aalenian Age (JA) — Callovian Age (JC)
Lithological Description: Sequence of limestones, mudstones and silty sandstones.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Unconformity at top of Lias Group; basal formation of Redbourne Group may be Northampton Sand, Grantham Formation or Lincolnshire Limestone.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Top of Cornbrash/base of Kellaways Formation.
Thickness: Averages 55 TO 65m in Type Area.
Geographical Limits: East Midland Shelf area, Northamptonshire to Market Weighton area.
Parent Unit: Not Applicable (-)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Main Quarry, Ketton, (Richardson, 1939), including trial shaft in Quarry floor. 
Reference Section  Walks Farm Borehole, Howell, near Hockington (TF14NE/18) from 98.37 to 122.29m, (Cornbrash to within top of Lincolnshire Limestone). 
Reference Section  Copper Hill Quarry, Ancaster, showing Upper Lincolnshire Limestone and part of Lower Lincolnshire Limestone, (Sumbler and others, 1990). 
Reference Section  Nettleton Bottom Borehole (TF19NW/54), 320.65 to 391.70m. 
Reference Section  Metheringham Quarry (Metheringham and Blankney Members, 'Middle' or Upper part of Lower Lincolnshire Limestone). (Ashton, 1980). 
Type Area  Redbourne area (north Lincolnshire/south Humberside). 
Reference Section  Leadenham Quarry (part of Upper Lincolnshire Limestone and part of Lower, including base) (Sumbler and others, 1990). 
Gaunt, G D, Fletcher, T P and Wood, C J. 1992. Geology of the country around Kingston upon Hull and Brigg. Memoir of the British Geological Survey, sheets 80 and 89 (England and Wales). 172pp. 
1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
E072 E090 E091 E115 E080 E081 E089