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North Britain Glacigenic Group [Obsolete Name And Code]

Computer Code: NBRG Preferred Map Code: NBGL
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Wolstonian Stage (QO) — Devensian Stage (QD)
Lithological Description: The group comprises all formations and lithogenetic units of glacigenic deposits of Oxygen Isotope Stage 6 equivalent and younger. These deposits commonly form the surface deposits of northern Britain and are mainly confined to land lying to the north of the main Devensian ice sheet limit. Being the products of the latest glaciations the deposits commonly have distinct morphological expression and this morphology may form an important part of the definition of component formations and offspring units. Lithologies are diamicton, gravel, sand, silt and clay.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Unconformable on bedrock of Neogene age or older, locally unconformable on older Quaternary deposits.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Conformable or unconformable contact with non-glacigenic deposits of Late Devensian and Holocene age.
Thickness: To 200m
Geographical Limits: Onshore UK north of the Main Devensian Ice Sheet limit.
Parent Unit: Not Entered (?)
Previous Name(s): Newer Drift (-3269)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
none recorded or not applicable
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