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Milton Hill Silt Member

Computer Code: MHSI Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Devensian Stage (QD) — Devensian Stage (QD)
Lithological Description: Red-brown micaceous sandy silt with sparse scattered cobbles and boulders on the ground surface.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Generally conformable on the top of the Hempriggs Sand Member.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Generally the ground surface, but locally unconformably overlain by sandy Late Devensian Raised Beach Deposits or sandy Holocene Raised Marine Deposits.
Thickness: Proved to 1.2m depth (unbottomed) in auger hole type section, but degraded exposures on the track to the top of Grange Hill, 83m NW of the auger hole. Suggest that the unit may reach up to c.5m in thickness locally.
Geographical Limits: Deposits capping a discontinuous curvilinear ridge that extends northwestwards from 2.6km east of the centre of Forres, a distance of 8.5km to Easter Coltfield [NJ 1202 6440] and capping isolated undulating ridges rising to between 45m and 55m AOD east of Forres
Parent Unit: Grange Hill Sand Formation (GRHS)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  Auger hole 1,135 m SW of Milton Hill Farm. Red-brown micaceous sandy silt with sparse scattered cobbles and boulders on its upper surface. The unit is also visible in degraded exposures in the side of a track c.83m NE of the auger hole 
Reference Section  Auger hole western corner of Hillhead Farm yard. Mottled brown and red brown damp sand and silt proved to 0.9m depth Mapping indicates that the Milton Hill Silt Member was previously exposed in a disused clay pit c 160m WSW of the Hillhead Farm auger hole. The deposit was previously interpreted as 'glaciolacustrine clay' by Peacock et al. (1968, page 98). 
Geology of the Elgin District Geological Survey Scotland Memoir Sheet 95 (Peacock et al; 1968). 
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