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March Wood Formation

Computer Code: MAWO Preferred Map Code: MAWO
Status Code: Full
Age range: Wenlock Epoch (SW) — Wenlock Epoch (SW)
Lithological Description: Reddish brown, green and purple thinly bedded fine-and medium- grained sandstone with a few small silty mudstone clasts in some beds. Local green and grey mottled siltstones and mudstones and conglomerate beds including quartzite pebbles.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The base of the predominantly sandstone succession on the southern side of the Eastfield Inlier, faulted against the Lanark Group (Siluro-Devonian).
Definition of Upper Boundary: The top of the predominantly sandstone succession in the Eastfield Inlier where it is overlain by thick conglomerate belonging to the Greywacke Conglomerate Formation
Thickness: c.750m
Geographical Limits: Eastfield (or Tinto ) Inlier, south of Tinto, Lanarkshire.
Parent Unit: Carmichael Group (CARM)
Previous Name(s): Downtonian Sandstone Including Quartzite-Conglomerate (-388)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Exposures from Eastfield Farm westwards to the north of March Wood. Phillips et al., in press; Read, 1927 
Read, H H, 1927. The geology of the country around Edinburgh: The Tinto district. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, London. Vol.38, 499-504 
Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1925. Summary of progress for 1924. (London: HMSO) 
Cameron, I B. 1997. Geology of the Howgate Mouth area. British Geological Survey Technichal Report, WA/97/67. 
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