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Kirkbeck Formation [Obsolete Name And Code: See SAML And HEBD]

Computer Code: KBF Preferred Map Code: KbF
Status Code: Index Level
Age range: Alportian Substage (CO) — Kinderscoutian Substage (CK)
Lithological Description: Ripple laminated shallow marine mudstones, siltstones and fine-grained sandstones with thick coarse-grained sandstones (Knott Copy Grit and Lane Foot Sandstone).
Definition of Lower Boundary: Lower boundary taken at base of coal and seatearths at the base of the Kirkbeck Member, which overlie cross-bedded coarse-grained sandstone (Accerhill Sandstone).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Top marked by first coarse-grained cross-bedded sandstone of the Eldroth Grit, resting conformably on mudstones and siltstones of the Kirkbeck Member.
Thickness: c.160m
Geographical Limits: SD66NE and SD66NW.
Parent Unit: Millstone Grit Group [See Also MIGR] (MG)
Previous Name(s): Kirkbeck Member (-337)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Bentham Station Borehole. SD66NE/1 
Type Section  Stream section west of Kirkbeck Farm. 
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