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Isle Of Man Catchments Subgroup

Computer Code: IMCA Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Devensian Stage (QD) — Holocene Epoch (QH)
Lithological Description: Alluvial gravel, sand, silt and clay forming floodplains, alluvial fans and river terrace deposits, peat, mud and pebbly sand infilling lowland basins and blanketing upland hillsides and peat, humic clayey silt and calcareous silt infilling kettleholes.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Generally unconformably overlying glacigenic sediments or bedrock.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Generally the ground surface, locally overlain by blown sand.
Thickness: Highly variable but >20m locally, typically 2.5m thick.
Geographical Limits: The Isle of Man (50k sheets 36, 45, 46, 56, 57).
Parent Unit: Britannia Catchments Group (BCAT)
Previous Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Coastal cliff sections between Glen Balleira and Glen Wyllin, c.0.5km west and northwest of Kirk Michael, Isle of Man. Chadwick, R A et al., 2001. 
Type Area  The Sulby Glen area, c.3km northnorthwest of Snaefell, northwest part of the Isle of Man. Chadwick, R A et al., 2001. 
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1:50K maps on which the lithostratigraphical unit is found, and map code used:
none recorded or not applicable