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Glenburn Volcaniclastic Member

Computer Code: GBV Preferred Map Code: GBV
Status Code: Full
Age range: Visean Stage (CV) — Visean Stage (CV)
Lithological Description: Volcaniclastic sandstones and siltstones, purple brown and well bedded. In the Glenburn Borehole volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks and agglomerates are interbedded with several (thin) lava flows.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary was penetrated by the BGS Glenburn Borehole [2478 6607] which shows that the lavas with interbedded volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks rest upon the Kinneswood Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: In a waterfall at Craigie Linn [2475 6605] the vocaniclastic sedimentary rocks are overlain by a massive flow of plagioclase-microphyric basalt (Jedburgh type) which here marks the base of the Gleniffer Lava Member. Elsewhere the unit is overlain by the distinctive olivine-bearing plagioclase-macrophyric basalts (Markle type) that are characteristic of the overlying Gleniffer Lava Member.
Thickness: 30m+
Geographical Limits: The Glenburn Volcaniclastic Member is exposed at intervals along the base of the lava scarp on the northern edge of the Beith - Barrhead lava block, from Craigie Linn [NS 475 605] in the Glen Park, Paisley to Harelaw Burn [NS 492 600].
Parent Unit: Clyde Plateau Volcanic Formation (CPV)
Previous Name(s): Glenburn Volcanic Detrital Member [Obsolete Name And Code: See GPVD] (-4070)
Glen Park Volcanic Detrital Member (*782)
Glen Park Volcanic Detrital Member [Obsolete Name And Code: Use GBV] (GPVD)
Alternative Name(s): Glen Park Volcanic Detrital Member
Type Section  Glenburn Borehole within Glen Park, BGS Borehole NS46SE/164, 17.35 m to 22.85m depth. 
Partial Type Section  Bed of Craigie Linn within Glen Park, Paisley, Scotland. 
Reference Section  The BGS Glenburn Borehole penetrates the volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks and lavas of the Glenburn Vocaniclastic Member. A geological description of the borehole is available. IGS, 1981 
Hall, I H S, Browne, M A E and Forsyth, I H. 1998. Geology of the Glasgow district. Memoir of the British Geological Survey, Sheet 30E (Scotland). 
Institute of Geological Sciences 1981. IGS Boreholes 1980. Report Institute of Geological Sciences (Great Britain) 81/11 
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