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Fuller's Earth Rock Member

Computer Code: FER Preferred Map Code: FER
Status Code: Full
Age range: Bathonian Age (JN) — Bathonian Age (JN)
Lithological Description: Bioturbated argillaceous limestones and calcareous mudstones with an abundant Ornithellid fauna.
Definition of Lower Boundary: A rapid upward transition from calcareous mudstones of the Lower Fuller's Earth Member into shelly, muddy limestone by increase of shell-detritus.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Decrease of shell-detritus into calcareous mudstones of the Upper Fuller's Earth Member.
Thickness: Typically 5 to 7m in North Dorset, locally 11m, thin or absent in west and south Dorset, 3 to 5m in Bath-Frome area; 5.25m in type section.
Geographical Limits: Bath area and southern Cotswolds to central Dorset.
Parent Unit: Fuller's Earth Formation (FE)
Previous Name(s): Thornford Beds (-4041)
Milborne Beds (-2181)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Reference Section  Goathill Quarry. 650m northwest of Goathill Church (see Bristow, C R, et al, 1995, p.38-39 for section). 
Type Area  Bath, Somerset (William Smith c.1815; see Arkell, W J, 1933). 
Reference Section  Winterborne Kingston Borehole SY89NW/1 (Penn, I E, 1982). 
Type Section  Horsecombe Vale No.15 Borehole, Bath ST76SE/24 (Penn, I E, et al, 1979). 
Reference Section  Purse Caundle Borehole ST71NW/7 (Barton, C M, et al, 1993). 
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Penn, I E, Merriman, R J and Wyatt, R G, 1979. A proposed Type section for the Fuller's Earth (Bathonian) based on the Horsecombe Vale No.15 Borehole, near Bath, with details of contiguous strata. The stratigraphy and correlation of the Bathonian strata of the Bath-Frome area. Report of the Institute of Geological Sciences, No.78/22, 3-22. 
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E313 E297 E281 E265 E312 E327 E341 E342 E343