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Acutistriatum-Comptoni Bed

Computer Code: ACCO Preferred Map Code: Ac
Status Code: Full
Age range: Callovian Age (JC) — Callovian Age (JC)
Lithological Description: Grey calcareous mudstone, becoming more shelly and shell-detrital upwards, grading into pyritic shell bed (Comptoni Bed), overlain by brownish grey shaly mudstone (at type section) or grey calcareous mudstone with pale grey ovoid argillaceous limestone nodules and burrowed top (from Bedfordshire south) ( Acutistriatum Bed). Comptoni Bed has rich fauna of oysters, nuculacean bivalves, belemnites, and ammonites (including Binatisphinctes comptoni). Acutistriatum Bed fauna is rich in forams, and includes ammonites, notably species of Kosmoceras, including K. acutistriatum
Definition of Lower Boundary: Passage up from relatively unfossiliferous brownish grey mudstone of undifferentiated Peterborough Member into shelly mudstone with fauna of Comptoni Bed as described under Lithology; base of Bed 37 in type section (Hudson and Martill, 1984, p.118).
Definition of Upper Boundary: Change up from brownish grey mudstone with fauna of Acutistriatum Bed, as described under Lithology, into greenish grey mudstone of undifferentiated Peterborough Member, top is burrowed; top of Bed 38 in type section (Hudson and Martill, 1994, p. 118).
Thickness: 0.3 to 0.6m; 0.45m at type section.
Geographical Limits: England; Dorset to Humberside.
Parent Unit: Peterborough Member (PET)
Previous Name(s): COMPTONI BED
Alternative Name(s): ACUTISTRIATUM BAND
Type Section  King's Dyke pit, Whittlesey, Peterborough. 
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