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Title Bulletin of the Imperial Institute, volume 37, part 3
Ref no RD37_3
Year of publication 1939
Abstract Contents: Newfoundland pyrophyllite St George's Coalfield, south-west Newfoundland. Possibilities of finding oil in British Guiana. Mining activities in Hong Kong. Transvaal vermiculite Iron-ore mining in Canada. The Aranka goldfield, British Guiana Natal ilmenite sands Newfoundland mineral production, January-March 1939 Properties and uses of peat Zircon-rutile-ilmenite beach sands of New South Wales. The Havelock asbestos mine, Swaziland. A new method of working placer gold deposits. New Zealand mineral production (1939). The British petroleum drilling campaign (with tabular summary of oil borings). Mineral industry of Ontario for 1937. Sierra Leone, mineral production in 1937. New Zealand gold mining industry, January-March 1939. Newfoundland mineral production in 1938. Mineral statistics (quality and use of data). Gold in Kavirondo, Kenya. Development in Empire tungsten production. Progress in British national coal survey work. Manganese and gold deposits in the Lower and Middle Barama River of North-west District, British Guiana. The gold mining industry in North-east New Guinea (with sketch-map and illustrations). Coal metamorphism in Colorado. Program of mining in Tanganyika Territory. The Canadian mica trade. Mining development of northern Australia. The geology and mineral deposits of the Oliphants Hoek area, Cape Province. Geology of the Shinyanga district, Tanganyika. Gold in the Rupununi district, British Guiana. Zircon, ilmenite and monazite mining in India (1939). Modern uses of limestone and its products.
Publisher HMSO [for Imperial Institute]
Place of publication London
Series Bulletin of the Imperial Institute
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