Volcano Name: Craters of the Moon Smithsonian Inst ID (SI_VNUM): 324020
Alternate Name:
Big Cinder Butte
Big Craters
Black Top Butte
Broken Top
Coyote Butte
Crescent Butte
Devils Cauldron
Echo Crater Butte
Fissure Butte
Great Rift Zone
Half Cone
North Crater
Sheep Trail Butte
Silent Cone
Split Butte
The Sentinel
The Watchman
Two Point Butte
Vermillion Chasm
Volcano Type: Cinder cone(s)
Latitude: 43.4166666700
Longitude: -113.5000000000
Region: Canada and Western USA Sub Region: USA (Idaho)
Date Entered: 02/05/2012

Eruption Details

No eruption details for this volcano.

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