Taxonomy Online - Carboniferous spores part I - Species details

Species name
Retispora lepidophyta (Kedo) Playford, 1976

Radial, trilete, camerate miospores. Amb convexly rounded triangular to subcircular. Trilete mark distinct; sutures straight or slightly curved, extending to margin of the inner body, accompanied by elevated flexuous folds of the exoexine which extend decreasing in height to almost the equatorial margin of the spore. Ends of exoexinal folds fuse laterally with curvaturae imperfectae, which are slightly invaginated in the radial position but are coincident with the equatorial margin for much of their length. Intexine thin; forms subcircular to rounded triangular inner body which occupies half to three-quarters of the spore diameter. Sometimes eccentrically placed, suggesting proximal attachment only. Exoexine ornamented with distal reticulum consisting of subcircular, polygonal or irregularly shaped lumina separated by narrow muri. Muri 0.5–2 µm wide; bear an ornament of small coni and spinae up to 2 µm high. Muri commonly exhibit progressive breakdown to form short rugulae or eventually residual coni and verrucae. Lumina up to 4 µm in diameter, variable in shape and size even on same specimen. Narrow limbus may be present at the equatorial margin, which may in part coincide with curvaturae imperfectae. Apical papillae sometimes present. Compressional folds common.

Other descriptions
Kedo, 1957, p. 24, pl. 2, figs. 19–21. Streel in Becker et al., 1974, p. 26. Playford, 1976, p. 45, pl. 10, figs. 1–15. Higgs, Clayton and Keegan, 1988, pp. 71–72, pl. 11, figs. 12–17

Overall equatorial diameter 40(57)92 µm

The following taxa may be synonymous with Retispora lepidophyta: Leiozonotriletes naumovae Balme & Hassell 1962, Endosporites lacunosus Winslow 1962, Archaeozonotriletes fenestratus Caro-Moniez 1962 and Hymenozonotriletes reticulatus Caro-Moniez 1962.

Devonian; late Famennian to early Tournaisian; LL–LN biozones (Richardson and McGregor, 1986; Higgs et al., 1988)


MPK 7124 MPK 7124 Figure 44a
Sample SB1, Bedford Shale, Big Walnut Creek, Sudbury, Ohio, USA; Late Devonian, Strunian, LL Biozone, Specimen MPK 7124. Subcircular camerate spore, inner body conformable in shape with equatorial margin. Radius of body about two-thirds of spore radius. Distal surface of exoexine reticulate. Narrow muri enclosing subcircular, polygonal or irregular lumina. Muri ornamented with small coni. Specimen maximum dimension 77 µm.

MPK 7126 MPK 7126 Figure 44b
Sample S133, Bedford Shale, Big Walnut Creek, Sudbury, Ohio, USA; Late Devonian, Strunian, LL Biozone, Specimen MPK 7126. Distinctive reticulum on distal exoexine; muri enclose variably shaped lumina. Specimen maximum dimension 90 µm.